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What are the terms?

Tech Podcast Network values our relationship with you. Here are important points from our agreement with you:
At Tech Podcast Network you will always own the content that you produce.

If you produced it you own the copyright. Tech Podcast Network wants to promote your content not own it!

The Tech Podcast Network Agreement is not an exclusive commitment.

The Tech Podcast Network Agreement does not prevent you from signing up with other networks and it does not prevent you from promoting other podcasts or making paid or unpaid appearances for your show.

You give Tech Podcast Network the right to negotiate one advertising spot for your podcast.

Tech Podcast Network will negotiate advertising contracts with full disclosure of the deals, and offer them to you. You always have the right to refuse to take part in any advertising campaign.

You agree to run a non obtrusive short Tech Podcast Network promotion in your podcast if no advertising is available.

Listing on the network is free but each show will help build the network. Tech Podcast Network will promote your podcast and when there are times that you are not engaging in a paid advertising campaign we ask that you to promote Tech Podcast Network with a short promo usually in spoken form indicating your listing on

Of course we don't want you to do deals privately with vendors that advertise with Tech Podcast Network.

To facilitate advertising to multiple podcasters, it can become destructive if Tech Podcast Network members make special deals with clients who are advertising thru the Tech Podcast Network Network. See the terms and conditions for more details.

Advertisers expect a commitment.

Let's say that you sign up to be a part of a three- month advertising campaign. The contract with the advertiser is for a three-month commitment. You are expected to produce your podcast regularly and remain a part of the Tech Podcast Network network during those three months.

No one wants "cease and desist" letter.

Therefore, if you use copyrighted material in your podcast you must have permission, and you must be following the terms of the permission the copyright is giving you.