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Episode 78 – Who is George Gareau?


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Android Buffet

Guru and Jere

Description: Hungry for Android? Get all you can eat at the Android Buffet.

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Episode 78 – Who is George Gareau?

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It’s back to being just the two of us, CES is over, and we’re back to business. Guru answers the question…who is George Gareau?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Show Notes

  • Two years ago yesterday, Pat Archibald received his Nexus One. Happy Anniversary, Pat!
  • Platform News
    • Google engineer takes to Plus to dispel the myth that wiping battery stats changes the battery life displayed to you. It is solely used to compute the blame for battery usage shown in the “Battery Use” UI in settings.
    • Global broadband subscribers inches up to 600 million, 152 million in China, 90 million in the U.S.
    • The Moneto NFC microSD will enable any Android phone to use the technology, for $30. Doesn’t seem worth a $5 a month fee.
    • Verizon 4G LTE Devices will be updated to allow GSM roaming. Meanwhile, Verizon has made 4G a requirement of all future smartphones.
    • Microsoft gets another Android maker to pay up:LG.
    • Microsoft now paid royalties on 70% of US Android smartphones
    • Cyanogenmod hits one million users, nearly half of them unofficial installs.
    • Motorola releasing home automation hardware, interface through Android or iOS, will partner with service providers to offer the boxes instead of direct sales.
    • Motorola showing off Televation product, which will integrate into set top boxes and as a standalone device, allows users to stream live TV directly from their cable provider to their internet-connected tablets and smartphones over a local WiFi network.
  • Clockwork Tether removed from the market at the request of Sprint, developer files FCC and FTC complaint.
  • As a result, Koush is thinking of creating a Root Only App Store. Offered the idea to Amazon, but they are not interested.
  • App News
    • Aldiko named Best EReader for Android by Lifehacker.
    • Samsung announces smartphone app allows you to monitor a washer/dryer.
    • F-Droid Repository App updated
    • Google Search updated, featuring an updated user interface, search results grouped by type, better location-based searches, and the ability to remove searches in your history by long-pressing the offending item.
    • Nuance Dragon Go voice control for Android. (Market Link)
    • TuneIn Radio takes its streaming act on the road, now part of AppLink.
    • Google Body becomes Zygote Body built on open source 3D viewer. Product discontinued.
    • Official Vimeo app released. (Market Link)
    • Astro File Manager Launches Cloud Storage Public Beta
    • Google Maps gets power and location improvements, upcoming Map Game.
    • Verizon partnering to bring previously iPad only newspaper the Daily to Android tablets.
  • Developers Corner

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NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015