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Episode 79 – Don’t Let the Androids Bite


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Android Buffet

Guru and Jere

Description: Hungry for Android? Get all you can eat at the Android Buffet.

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Episode 79 – Don’t Let the Androids Bite

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Jere is tired, so we did a slightly shorter show.

Show Notes

  • China set to surpass 1 billion mobile connections
  • EU Commission set to rule on Motorola-Google on February 13th
  • Smartphone Purchases up Big in Q4 2011, Android biggest percentage of market. In December, 91% of Smartphone Acquisitions were Android or iOS, according to Nielsen.
  • Sprint pushes its wireless network for smart grid
  • Platform News
    • Nokia’s CEO still talking Android fragmentation, “”We don’t want fragmentation being introduced into Windows Phone because we are beginning to see how in a certain other eco-system that fragmentation becomes a problem.”
    • What is a ‘Made for Android’ Headphone?
    • Security Enhanced Android released by NSA. It is based on SELinux, which uses contexts in addition to traditional user permissions to limit damage down by flawed or malicious apps.
    • Pantech may be next to sign a licensing deal for Android with Microsoft
    • Samsung working toward all-day battery life in 2012. Who isn’t?
    • Open NFC Stack now available for Android 4.0 to make NFC hardware easy to use for OEMs.
    • Steve Wozniak admires many features of Android, thinks some are better than iOS.
    • Oracle claims they believe Google earns 10 million a day in annual revenue from activations.
    • Linux Foundation trying to bring Android drivers back into the Linux mainline.
    • Android is about differentiation, not fragmentation. Differentiation is positive. Schmidt claims they allow anyone to change the interface as long as it doesn’t break apps.
  • App News
  • How to Buy and Test a Third-Party Battery for Android - Have you Bought a Third-Party Battery?
  • How to Hold Your Touch Screen Gadget Correctly and avoid RPI
  • Developer’s Corner
    • Want more in-app sales? The best way to make in-app purchase pay is to build loyalty and engagement, which can result in more revenue overall than a quick sell.

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NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015