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AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 004 – Augmented Reality and Rise of the Robots


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Augmented Reality Dirt

Joseph Rampolla

New Jersey

Description: Get the Skinny on the world of Augmented Reality. Exploring cutting-edge and emerging technologies that influence society, cyber-crime, and our legal system.

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AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 004 – Augmented Reality and Rise of the Robots

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Welcome to Episode 004 – Rise of the Augmented Reality Robot.

We remember the movie Terminator, where a cyborg assassin programmed to kill travels back in time from 2029 to 1984.  Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Augmented Reality hyped-machine that needs to assassinate Sarah Connor, the link to the rise of the human resistance which fights back against a world-gone-bad with machines.

Unless you live in a cave, are a Sudoku addict, or are repulsed by Mashable or Wired magazine, then you are missing some incredible changes in technology lately.

There are some amazing newsworthy items and developments that you will not want to miss on Augmented Reality Dirt.

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SHOW NOTES – Episode 004 – Rise of the Augmented Reality Robot?

In the news:

Main Segment:

  • FAA Law Permitting use of Drones ( )(C) allow a government public safety agency to operate
    unmanned aircraft weighing 4.4 pounds or less, if operated—
    (i) within the line of sight of the operator;
    (ii) less than 400 feet above the ground;
    (iii) during daylight conditions;
    (iv) within Class G airspace; and
    (v) outside of 5 statute miles from any airport,
    heliport, seaplane base, spaceport, or other location
    with aviation activities.Definition of Class G airspace: Class G (uncontrolled) airspace is mostly used for a small layer of airspace near the ground, but there are larger areas of Class G airspace in remote regions.
  • Utah Standoff suspect surrenders to police robot
  • Researchers show off Wi-fi Hacking Drone at Blackhat
  •  Invasion of the Flying Robots
  • Vijay Kumar: Robots that Fly (Video below) TED2012.  Pay attention at 12:14 into the video.  Notice how the drone device has a Microsoft Kinect and laser scanner to evaluate and learn its new environment.  This is amazing since the computerized drone learns about its environment as it travels through a building.  A person is guiding the drone but over time this will be completely autonomous.
  • PW Singer on military robots and the future of war
  • Do Drones Undermine Democracy? - Article by PW Singer

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