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AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 007 – Albert Kim Interview | Zenitum CEO


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Augmented Reality Dirt

Joseph Rampolla

New Jersey

Description: Get the Skinny on the world of Augmented Reality. Exploring cutting-edge and emerging technologies that influence society, cyber-crime, and our legal system.

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AR Dirt Podcast – Episode 007 – Albert Kim Interview | Zenitum CEO

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Albert Kim

Welcome to Episode 007 – Albert Kim Interview | CEO of Zenitum

So we have another awesome episode and we speak with CEO Albert Kim of Zenitum.  Zenitum is a South Korean company that is doing amazing things in the Augmented Reality realm.  Hear Albert’s insights to very cool strides in AR development.  If you are a AR developer, investor, or third-party AR content creator you will absolutely not want to miss this interview.  Even if you are an AR enthusiast or futurist, you will want to hear Albert Kim’s take on where we are moving in Augmented Reality.

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SHOW NOTES – Episode 007 –Albert Kim Interview | CEO of Zenitum

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