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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 653 - 17/10/2019


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Aussie Tech Heads

Aussie Tech Heads - Goodman

Gold Coast, Australia

Description: Light hearted look at the latest technology news from Australia and beyond. Join Glenn, Will, Erik and guests as they discuss the tech issues of today that matter to the average Aussie consumer.

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 653 - 17/10/2019

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The Internet Archive adds 2,500 MS-DOS gamesMicrosoft confirms 19H2 as Windows 10 November 2019 UpdateNBN Co claims it will take Australia to 13th in the world for broadbandRussian man suing Apple for allegedly ‘turning him gay’

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 652 - 10/10/2019

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Google introduces Stream Transfer to move music, videos and podcasts between casting devices

'Call of Duty: Mobile' smashes records with 100 million downloads in first week

Telstra announces 3G death date - June 2024...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 651 - 26/09/2019

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Weekly wrap up of tech news and views, and maybe a tangent or two from the longest running Tech News podcast in Australia...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 650 - 19/09/2016

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NBN Co to introduce new high speed plans

Telstra backdoors rivals with eSIM support

Tinder has made a TV series

Telstra plans real-time technician location updates

Steve Jobs Named Interim CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs Resigns from Apple

The Last Apple II...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 649 - 12/09/2019

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Samsung's Galaxy Fold debuts - at $2,900!

Yahoo email goes down for six hours, someone still cares enough to complain

Apple tops NSW consumer complaints register

Apple kills off iPhone XS and XS Max after one year...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 648 - 05/09/2019

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World's 'first space hotel' revealed for 400 astro-tourists

Eight men facing charges over illegal streaming sites

Google launches Android 10

Virgin Australia bans ALL MacBooks from checked-in luggage


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