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Description: Light hearted look at the latest technology news from Australia and beyond. Join Glenn, Will, Erik and guests as they discuss the tech issues of today that matter to the average Aussie consumer.

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 563 - 14/12/2017

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Two keyless entry door locks vulnerable to unauthenticated requests

CatchDeal, Techrific and BexecTech admit to passing off refurbished tablets, phones as new

Kogan unveils Medibank backed health insurance brand Kogan Health

Apple in talks to buy music identification app Shazam: report...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 562 - 07/12/2017

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Apple to pay $20 billion in back tax to Ireland

Amazon finally launched in Australia this week

ACCC awards $6.5 million contract for broadband speeds monitoring program

Sad poop emoji gets flushed after row

Facebook, Google left out of Aussie safe harbour copyright changes...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 561 - 30/11/2017

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Mac flaw allows full admin rights without a password

As Amazon's Australian launch looms, MSY to overhaul website and add e commerce

NBN to pause all HFC rollouts over customer experience issues

Microsoft Australia fines Impact Systems and other resellers over unlicensed software...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 560 - 23/11/2017

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Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 560 - 23/11/2017 ...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 559 - 16/11/2017

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Apple goes to mediation over denying customers fixes for "error 53"

Shareholder group wants Gerry Harvey gone

Telstra gives broadband customers unlimited data

Urgent rescue mission' to save Australia's frogs using smartphone app

Tech giants turning Sydney's CBD into 'Silicon Place'...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 558 - 09/11/2017

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Telstra to compensate 42,000 customers with slow NBN

Amazon is allowed to undercut Australian retailers

TPG fined $360k by ACMA for spamming customers who have opted out

TripAdvisor icon will identify hotels where sexual assault occurred

iPhone users fume over letter 'i' bug...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 557 - 02/11/2017

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Telstra, Ericsson completes first of a series of 5G network trials

Aldi sells smaller 3D printer for $299

NASA releases eerie playlist of spellbinding space sounds

Woolworths digitises loyalty card for iPhone users

IBM’s Watson natural language classifier...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 556 - 26/10/2017

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Online reseller MSY Technology fined $750,000 for misrepresenting customer guarantees

New malware 'BadRabbit' strain attacks hit Russia, other nations

Kaspersky Lab to submit software for third-party review

Amaysim launches online devices store, reveals

Apple hints at Mac Mini comeback...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 555 - 19/10/2017

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Wi-fi security flaw 'puts devices at risk of hacks'

MegaBots Inc

Still photographs spring to life

Snapchat to make original TV-style shows

Australia launches revenge porn reporting tool

Google introduces advanced Gmail security features for high-risk users...

Aussie Tech Heads - Episode 554 - 12/10/2017

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Microsoft to bring Edge browser to Apple iOS and Android devices

Canalys boss Steve Brazier says Microsoft's Surface range is in big trouble

Amazon welcomes teens with new parent-controlled shopping allowance

Bug Allowed Google Home Mini Speakers to Record Everything...
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