2013 Consumer Electronics Show Coverage

Millions of consumers have followed the Tech Podcasts Network (TPN) coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show over the past six years – in part because of its unique presentation style. TPN coverage of CES provides the latest technology information, featuring real tech personalities in the thick of the event, jostling among the crowds, seeking extraordinary, innovative and unusual products. Consumers eager to see what new tech toys and trends set the pace in 2013 will follow TPN’s coverage of CES, returning for authentic insight into products and tech trends that they have come to trust and depend upon since 2005. Here is the quick and Dirty of our Sponsor Package
  • 45 Host Endorsed Ad Spots During our Live Coverage. (670,000 Live Viewer Hours)
  • 56 Host Endorsed Ad Spots During our Daily Replay.
  • Your companies host endorsed ad spot in 100 Vendor Videos (11-15 Million Views)
  • Your companies banner on our team sites. See Example @ TPN.TV
  • A Text mention in 100 Blog post with a hyperlink See Example : Floor Interview
  • Your Host Endorsed Ad Seen on: Mobile, Web, Devices, Set Top Boxes, Tablets
As you know we have Floor and Live Coverage so you get advertisement embedded into both. Last year our coverage had the following reach – 37 million consumer video impressions (and counting) – 210,000 social media mentions / links – 320 PR firm mentions – 191 vendors used our video Interviews on their corporate websites. – 287 vendor video segments – 45 hours of live studio coverage from South Hall – 670,000 Live viewer hours / 14,000 Live Viewer Average per Hour Here is the History of what we have delivered. Video Track Record: Over the past seven years, TPN has produced more than 1500 on-floor video interviews, reaching an average of 35 million unique viewers each year. 45 Hours of Live Show Coverage: In 2012 we streamed live 24/7 with 45 hours of live content, consumers watched 670,000 hours of our live content. Planning for CES 2013: Tech Podcast Network will have a live broadcast booth just outside North Hall, where we will stream live coverage of the show with in studio interviews of top companies and products. Even More Exciting TPN News for CES 2013 Set-Top Box Media Distribution: Since early 2010, Tech Podcast has been listed as a top tier channel on the Roku set-top box. We have similar placement on Boxee, Google TV, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV. We will once again have all of our coverage on channels within these devices. Exposure Potential: In December 2012 TPN will activate our dedicated TPN CES channels on over 100's media platform where we will release CES 2013 coverage segments before, during, and after the show, guaranteeing exposure for vendors and sponsors for a full year. Even if your company is not exhibiting at CES 2013: This is an opportunity to reach tech savvy consumers over an extremely long period. With web, tv, mobile media distribution of your companies message. Added Value: Vendors we interview at CES also help by highlighting the coverage of their segments. Since your sponsor message is embedded in the video, you are guaranteed brand exposure on a variety of corporate sites. Coverage from the 2012 show is still seeing strong view activity tem months later because of the product tagging and SEO strategy we employ on each interview release. The Show Coverage: TPN coverage includes three video elements – Live Broadcast, “Pick of the Day,” Floor Product Interviews. Live Stream: TPN will stream live from our North Hall broadcast studio, during open show hours interviewing 4-6 high profile guests each hour, simulcast on 30+ TPN partner sites as well as rebroadcast after hours. All live show coverage will be broken into segments and post published on the web, and distributed as podcasts. TPN Pick of the Day: (TPOD) Each day, we produce a single 30 minute video covering five to seven product or demo highlights. Only the most interesting products of the day are featured. The four 2012 Pick-of-the Day TPOD videos averaged 1 million views each within 72 hours of release. Product Videos: (PV) TPN show hosts will also produce on average 275+ product interviews from the show floor and at evening “Press Only” events. The product videos are then professionally post-produced and released after the show. How the Sponsorship Plan Works What it isn't: This is "not" an opportunity for a single spot appearance, companies "never" pay for access to our audiences. All interviews with companies that are covered at the show are independently determined and at the sole discretion of the show hosts. What it is: This is an opportunity for your company to have your product or service message integrated into our coverage as if you were buying standard radio, broadcast, or new media ad spot. All Sponsor messages will be clearly designated in line with mandated FCC disclosure rules. It’s simple: You pay a flat rate and get your company’s brand and message integrated into TPN live and recorded content. We agree on message length, talking points and product features to be emphasized throughout the entire week. Banners, text links with hyperlinks and social media exposure are always included in all sponsorship levels. Distribution: All media, whether streamed live or recorded from show floor, will be published on the web with SEO strategies, and made available for podcast download. All media will also be published into our set-top-box channels on Roku, Boxee, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV and available for embed on your web site and product pages. Available Sponsorships We have prepared a complete show plan that will be hard to resist. This is a fantastic opportunity to get exposure to your products and services! Download our prospectus, contact Todd Cochrane @ 877-RawVoic(e) or ceo@rawvoice.com. Contact us today!