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Thinkware Brings DVR Abilities to Your Car


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TPN Show Coverage Gadgets

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Las Vegas Nevada

Description: CES 2015 Gadgets

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Thinkware Brings DVR Abilities to Your Car

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Thinkware's in-car DVR system

Thinkware’s in-car DVR system

Visiting the Thinkware booth allowed us to discover an in-car DVR system, useful for capturing the moments of an unfortunate accident or for sight-seeing. Thinkware’s FXD-700 is a front device recorder that picks up images, speed and time and starts recording as soon as you start the car, with help of a motion sensor. All of it then saves to an SD card, in a format which can be used on all computers, and will continuously record for up to 8 hours, unless you would like to expand up to 32GB. The full 1080p HD camera sensor is also impressive, allowing up to 140 degrees of viewing and the rear-camera (which is optional) gives you 120 degrees. Thinkware also said that the device is simply powered off of the car battery, which gives you the ability to record while the car is off, in surveillance mode, and will shut off if the device is draining the battery. The product isn’t available in the US yet but Thinkware is looking to make that happen within a few months.

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Video by Scott Ertz of F5 Live.


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