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December 4: Cray X-MP/48 Supercomputer Begins Operation


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Day in Tech History

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: Technology History in a Daily Podcast

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December 4: Cray X-MP/48 Supercomputer Begins Operation

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Cray X-MP/48 Supercomputer

1985 - The Cray X-mp/48 Supercomputer begins operation in San Diego Supercomputer Center in California. The $15 million dollar supercomputer could process 400 megaflops (200 per processor). It was a shared-memory parallel vector processor and supported 2 or 4 million 64-bit words of main memory in 16 or 32 banks.

The first Cray didn’t get installed until October 1986.

Cray X-MP/48 replaced the Cray-1. It was succeeded by the Cray Y-MP8/864 in 1990.

Movies such as “the Last Starfighter” were rendered using the Cray Supercomputer.

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