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Dr. Bill.TV #229 – Audio – “The Surfin’ Bird Tin Foil Hat Edition”


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Dr. Bill.TV - Audio Netcasts

Dr. Bill Bailey

High Point, NC

Description: Join Dr. Bill as he examines the wild and wacky world of the web, computers, and all things geeky on his very own IPTV Video Netcast! Hot tech tips, tech news, Geek Software of the Week, and Geek Culture are examined... with plenty of good humor as well!

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Dr. Bill.TV #229 – Audio – “The Surfin’ Bird Tin Foil Hat Edition”

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Netcast Show Notes:

Geeky Linux tip for a kill command, Windows 8 Preview video, Time-Warner WIDEBAND! Password1: the most common business password! Nine tasty flavors of Windows 8, GSotW for Linux: SQuirrel SQL Client. ISPs limit bandwidth? NASA hacked, GSotW: GetLinux Sponsor: GoToMeeting Conferencing with HD Faces: Simple Online Collaboration – http://bit.ly/xp4FFv

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