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Cloud Run with Steren Giannini and Ryan Gregg


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Google Cloud Platform

Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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Cloud Run with Steren Giannini and Ryan Gregg

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Mark Mirchandani is our Mark this week, joining new host Michelle Casbon in a recap of their favorite things at Next! The main story this episode is Cloud Run, and Gabi and Mark met up with Steren Giannini and Ryan Gregg at Cloud Next to learn more about it.

Announced at Next, Cloud Run brings serverless to containers! It offers great options and security, and the client only pays for what they use. With containers, developers can use any language, any library, any software, anything!

Two versions of Cloud Run were released last week. Cloud Run is the fully managed, hosted service for running serverless containers. The second version, Cloud Run GKE, provides a lot of the same benefits, but runs the compute inside your Kubernetes container. It’s easy to move between the two if your needs change as well.

Steren Giannini

Steren is a Product Manager in the Google Cloud Platform serverless team. He graduated from École Centrale Lyon, France and then was CTO of a startup that created mobile and multi-device solutions. After joining Google, Steren managed Stackdriver Error Reporting, Node.js on App Engine, and Cloud Run.

Ryan Gregg

Ryan is a product manager at Google, working on Knative and Cloud Run. He has over 15 years experience working with developers on building and extending platforms and is passionate about great documentation and reducing developer toil. After more than a decade of working on enterprise software platforms and cloud solutions at Microsoft, he joined Google to work on Knative and building great new experiences for serverless and Kubernetes.

Cool things of the week
  • News to build on: 122+ announcements from Google Cloud Next ‘19 blog
  • Mark’s Favorite Announcement:
    • Network service tiers site
  • Michelle’s Favorite Announcements:
    • Cloud Code site
    • Cloud SQL for Postgres now supports v11 release notes
    • Cloud Data Fusion for visual code-free ETL pipelines site
    • Cloud AI Platform site
    • AutoML Natural Language site
    • Google Voice for G Suite blog
    • Hangouts Chat in Gmail site
    • Kubeflow v0.5.0 release site
Interview Question of the week

If I want to try out Cloud Run, how do I get started?

  • Get started with the beta version by logging in site
  • Quicklinks site
  • Codelab site
Where can you find us next?

Gabi is at PyTexas

Jon and Mark Mandel are at East Coast Game Conference

Michelle & Mark Mirchandani will be at Google IO in May

Michelle will be at Kubecon Barcelona in May

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