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Java & Jib with Patrick Flynn and Mike Eltsufin


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Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Google Cloud Platform

Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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Java & Jib with Patrick Flynn and Mike Eltsufin

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Mark and Melanie speak with Patrick Flynn and Mike Eltsufin about their exciting new Java products for Google Cloud. Mike tells us all about the new Spring Cloud GCP, a helpful tool that integrates Google Cloud Platform APIs and the Spring Framework. Patrick elaborates on his team’s new tool, Jib, a Java container image builder, and how it helps Java developers.

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn is a long time Java developer who spent many years in Google Ads, and is now four years into being the tech lead of the Google Cloud Java Tools team.

Mike Eltsufin

Mike Eltsufin has been an enterprise Java application developer in the banking sector for over a decade before joining Google. Currently, he’s the tech lead of the Cloud Java Frameworks team, focusing on bringing the goodness of Spring Boot to Google Cloud Java developers.

Cool things of the week
  • Introducing container-native load balancing on Google Kubernetes Engine blog
  • Simplifying cloud networking for enterprises: announcing Cloud NAT and more blog
  • Store it, analyze it, back it up: Cloud Storage updates bring new replication options blog
  • Postmortems and Retrospectives with Liz and Seth video
    • GCP Podcast Episode 127: SRE vs Devops with Liz Fong-Jones and Seth Vargo podcast
  • App Engine site
  • Kubernetes Engine site
  • Spring Framework site
  • Spring Boot site
  • Spring Cloud GCP site
  • Spring Cloud GCP on GitHub site
  • Cloud Pub/Sub site
  • Spanner site
  • Cloud Sql site
  • Cloud Datastore site
  • Docker site
  • Jib on GitHub site
  • Cloud Tools for IntelliJ Documentation site
  • Introducing Jib — build Java Docker images better blog
  • Bazel site
  • Skaffold on GitHub site
  • Netty site
  • SpringOne site
  • Knative and riff for Spring Developers video
  • Jib Gitter site
  • Sig Apps site
  • Kubernetes Slack site
  • Codelabs site
Question of the week

What if we have an object in Google Cloud Storage, and I want to automatically change an aspect of it – such as:

  • Downgrade the storage class of objects older than 365 days to Coldline Storage.
  • Delete objects created before January 1, 2013.
  • Keep only the 3 most recent versions of each object in a bucket with versioning enabled.

Managing Object Lifecycles docs and guide

Where can you find us next?

Patrick’s team will be at KubeCon Shanghai and Oracle Code One and he will be at KubeCon Seattle

Mark will be at KubeCon in December.

Melanie will be at Twilio Signal $BASH event on Thursday and SOCML in November.

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