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Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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Cloud Functions with Bret McGowen

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This week, Mark and Francesc ask all the questions that you’ve ever had about Cloud Functions to Bret McGowen.

About Bret McGowen

Bret is on the Google Cloud Platform team at Google, focusing on developer-oriented products like Google Cloud Functions, App Engine, Firebase, machine learning APIs, and more. He’s currently an aspiring Node.js developer. Prior to Google, Bret worked in the cloud industry at Rackspace as a software engineer building the RackConnect hybrid hosting product. Before that, he led engineering teams at e-commerce, non-profits and tried his hand at creating two startups.

He’s often on the running trail, volleyball court or kickball field. Bret earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University.

Cool things of the week
  • Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy: Protect application access on the cloud blog
  • Automating project creation with Google Cloud Deployment Manager blog
Interview Question of the week

How can I notify a series of listeners when an object in Cloud Storage has changed?

  • Object Change Notification docs
  • Google Cloud Storage introduces Cloud Pub/Sub notifications announcement
Where can you find us next?

Mark is currently at East Coast Games Conference and Vector. He’s also going to be hosting the Playcrafting + Extra Life Game Jame & Game Fest, raising money for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Finally he’ll be in Sweden for Nordic Games Conference as well.

Francesc will be presenting at the New York Google Developer Group for a Serverless event! Francesc has also released a new Just for Func episode, covering the implementation of the Context package!

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