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VP of Engineering - Melody Meckfessel


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Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Google Cloud Platform

Description: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything from on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to Big Query.

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VP of Engineering - Melody Meckfessel

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Melanie and Mark talk with Google Cloud’s VP of Engineering, Melody Meckfessel, this week. In her time with Google Cloud, she and her team have worked to uncover what makes developers more productive. The main focus of their work is DevOps, defined by Melody as automation around the developer workflow and culture. In other words, Melody and her team are discovering new ways for developers to interact and how those interactions can encourage their productive peak.

Melody and her team have used their internal research and expanded it to collaborate with Google Cloud partners and open source projects. The sharing of research and products has created even faster innovation as Google learns from these outside projects and vice versa.

In the future, Melody sees amazing engagement with the community and even better experiences with containers on GCP. She is excited to see the Go community growing and evolving as more people use it and give feedback. Melody also speaks about diversity, encouraging everyone to be open-minded and try to build diverse teams to create products that are useful for all.

Melody Meckfessel

Melody Meckfessel is a hands-on technology leader with more than 20 years experience building and maintaining large-scale distributed systems and solving problems at scale. As VP of Engineering, she leads the team building DevOps tools and sharing DevOps best practices across Google and with software development and operations teams around the world. Her team powers the world’s most advanced continuously delivered software, enabling development teams to turn ideas into reliable, scalable production systems. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Melody programmed for startups and enterprise companies. Since joining Google in 2004, Melody has led teams in Google’s core search systems, search quality and cluster management. Melody is passionate about making software development fast, scalable, and fun.

Cool things of the week
  • Mark is back from vacation!
  • We are at 2 million downloads! tweet
  • Greg Wilson twitter and github
  • Open source gaming:
    • Agones - 0.6.0 - site
    • Open Match - 0.2.0 RC - site
  • What’s new at Firebase Summit 2018 blog
Interview Question of the week

If I want to configure third party notifications (such as Slack or Github) into my Cloud Build configuration - how can I do that?

Where can you find us next?

Mark will be at KubeCon next week.

Melanie will be at NeurIPS this week. She’ll be attending Queer in AI, Black in AI, and LatinX this week as well.


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