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Sony FutureLab Program N Prototype Unboxing - Geekazine

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Sony FutureLab Program N Prototype Unboxing

While at SXSW, I stopped by Sony’s Wow Experience, where I got to see the Program N headset at it’s next phase. Sony was looking for testers of this prototype (along with future items), and I was all too eager to join. For that, I got the product right on site.

What is FutureLab Program

Sony FutureLab is an R&D division to gain real-use feedback. Instead of having the programmers and employees use the prototypes, they put them out in the wild to see what the population thinks.

Currently, there are two prototypes out there. N – the headset I have, and T – an interactive table.

What is Program N

I am guessing N stands for Nigel – the assistant that comes through this wearable device. The case completely protects conceals the wearable really well. This device comes with two pieces – an item you wear around your neck and a pair of headphones.

The headset (called Sound Duet) is slightly different than other headphones because it does not block out other noise. The bone-conductive side allows you to hear the music, but still know if a truck is speeding your way.

The neck piece can be run without headset, and also contains a camera, strategically placed microphones, and buttons to control the device. This creates their new technology called “Virtual Techology” or VPT. You can simply say “Listen up Nigel” or press a button to get the wearable to react.

Do You Want To Try Them Out?

Absolutely! You can be a part of the program. Simply go to and reply at the bottom of the page.

In This Video

While at SXSW, I unboxed Program N and tried it out. I talk more about this concept. Please Like and Share the video!


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