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Google Pixel Phone Video Review: Pros and Cons


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Google Pixel Phone Video Review: Pros and Cons

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Google Pixel Phone Video Review: Pros and Cons

Google Pixel

Google nixed their Nexus line to start Pixel – a next generation Android device that focuses on display and VR. But there are a lot of other cool reasons you might get this phone.

Our friends at Verizon Wireless have loaned me a phone for review, but I have not been compensated for this review. All opinions are that of Geekazine.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons, Followed by a full review of the phone.

There are two types of Pixel phone out there – the 5 inch Pixel, which I have here, or the 5.5 inch Pixel XL. The Pixel contains a 2770 mAh battery, Full HD screen at 441 ppi, talk time of 26 hours, and standby time of 19 days.

Both Pixel and XL have a Snapdragon 821 chip-set and Adreno 530 GPU inside. RAM is 4 GB and storage is 32 or 128 GB.

The XL has a QHD AMOLED screen at 534 ppi, 3450 mAh battery and 32 hour talk, 23 day standby time.

PROS – Google Pixel

The phone fits well in most hands. The aerospace grade aluminum uni-body keeps the phone lightweight and cool.

The camera is 12.3 MP with a 2.0 aperture for low light photos. The camera also has phase detection and laser detection auto-focus for the best shot.

You do have a headphone jack, which is probably why the phone is not rated as waterproof. Stereo speakers are also on the bottom of the phone.

The phone stays really cool to the touch, even after hours of watching video. I am surprised that it’s not even slightly warm.

The AMOLED screen is the most noticeable feature. It looks crisp and is easy to view.

CONS – Google Pixel

The phone does not have a waterproof rating to it unlike Samsung or iPhone 7 series.

NEUTRAL – Google Pixel

The Pixel Imprint is the fingerprint sensor on the phone. It is on the back of the phone, which means you will most likely use only your index finger to unlock. It also means you have to take into account the imprint if you are adding a case to the phone.

The phone says it will fast charge in 15 minutes, but I have not been able to do it. I charged this phone with a standard USB-C and the included 18W charger (which will only do 15W for the 5 inch Pixel) and both only charged at 1% a minute. It may be a defective wall charger, but I have not been able to determine.

A great addition is the inclusion of VR apps, but you need to purchase the headset and the Home by Google device for some of the apps to work. That adds another $180 to your price tag.

You might also want to get the 128 GB Pixel if VR is your ultimate desire. You will be installing a lot of apps for the phone.

PRICE of the Google Pixel

The phone is $649.99 or 769.99 for XL. You can get it on the Verizon Wireless network for 27.08 or 32.08 respectively. Add the VR headset for $79 and Home for $99 to use the full VR functionality. Get the Google Pixel at Amazon

The Google Pixel – The Control Panel to Your IoT

Google works hard at giving you a decent phone for your Android experience. If you are a fan of Android and always want the latest version, I would suggest getting the Pixel, for that phone will always be updated before any other brand.

In this case, it’s Nougat 7.1. And with it, Google is putting a lot of bets in the VR world. With it’s great looking screen, not only is the phone experience going to be great, but the VR experience will be just as awesome.

I still can’t understand why I couldn’t get this Pixel to charge 70% in 15 minutes. I can say the 15 minute charge did keep the phone running for another couple hours.

Another feature is Google Assistant. I am happy with how it works, but it’s not spectacular. Of course, if I had the Google Home device, that could change the way I use it. But I just have the phone.

But that is the real idea here: Google doesn’t just want to sell you a phone, they want to sell you a system that integrates with your IoT. It’s not just a phone any longer. It’s a control panel to the devices in your home, car, work, and other areas.

If you used the Nexus line, Pixel will be the obvious update. But keep in mind it’s not the most powerful Android phone out there. Samsung holds that honor. But Pixel is a close second.

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