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Comparing the Default Drum Scene in QSC Touchmix


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Comparing the Default Drum Scene in QSC Touchmix

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Comparing the Default Drum Scene in QSC Touchmix

Recording Mode on QSC TouchMix 16

The QSC TouchMix 16 is a powerful mixer for bands, conferencing and more. When I saw the mixer at NAMM, I was definitely impressed. And looking for a good replacement to my mixer of 8 years, I found it in this product.

I wanted to see how easy this was to set up and go. Therefore, I miced up my drums in the basement and plugged the QSC Touchmix in. The only thing I did was set levels to each drum.

By plugging in a USB drive, I could record tracks easily. Each track is recorded in 32-bit with a bit rate of 1,411 kbps. That made for a 31 MB file for each track at about 3 minutes. Since I was recording 6 tracks, the end result was 180 MB.

Get the QSC TouchMix [aff]

Drum Set:
  • Yamaha Stage Custom – 20″ Bass, 12″ rack tom, 14″ floor.
  • Assorted cymbals from Zildjian, Paiste and Wuhan
  • Samson Q series drum mics for Toms and Bass
  • SM 57 for snare
  • SM 57 for single overhead mic

I first set the scene to default by going to Menu-Scenes-Default. This set everything to 0, which I had to adjust to turn all tracks in record mode back on and re-level. Not a big issue, but something to keep in mind. Also, don’t forget to turn up the monitor volumes. I bounced that track to the Stereo 2-track to mix down.

The best part was I could keep the raw audio tracks without any compression, EQ or other effects. I can then take sounds and re-record them with different effects to compare later.

Amazing on the comparison. While my drums needed some tuning and the mix needs a fine touch, I still was able to set levels and play. If I was live, a sound person would tweak as we go. Otherwise, with a recording, I could play with different effects to get the desired sound from my drums.

Make sure you check out the video comparison so you can hear the difference yourself. I even included the video camera’s audio…

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