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Titler Live 4 Broadcast on an Intel NUC for Livestreams


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Titler Live 4 Broadcast on an Intel NUC for Livestreams

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Titler Live 4 Broadcast on an Intel NUC for Livestreams

When you are live streaming on one device, there are so many things that can go wrong. Add in more software and you’ve got a computer that is maxing out process. Of course, many people are streaming to YouTube or Facebook, and trying to record the video as a backup. That is why I’ve worked hard on separating my programs so the main switcher does just that – switches between scenes.

Titler Live 4 Broadcast

This is a perfect example of a program that will work better when it’s on it’s own machine. NewBlueFX Titler Live is software that can build graphical titles, lower 3rds, social network integration, and more. I first used this setup last month when I presented the $50 Tablet – a review of low cost tablets, and which ones are worth the price.

With Titler Live’s ability to incorporate the spreadsheet into a graphic, I could add several items quickly and easy, then simply flip through the items through the Titler Live Pro software. Best part is I can use this template for another project. I can change field information, pictures, and more.

Social Networking also can be added to my videos. I can search Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for comments and filter out the bad ones, then set up a group of messages that will show up on the screen. In some cases, I can get a second person to join me simply with the task of setting up the spreadsheets, or choosing which tweets will be displayed on the screen.

Titler Live works with Wirecast, vMix, OBS, Blackmagic Design, and NewTek tricaster to display graphics. With NewTek NDI, I can do this over a network, or switch to HDMI capture with Alpha key, watch folder, PNG, or an OBS instance if the overlays come in after the switcher (maybe to another streaming or recording source, for example).

On the Intel NUC

Titler Live 4 Broadcast can run on a Mac or PC, 2 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, OpenGL2.1 capable graphics with at least 1 GB VRAM. With the Intel NUC, I have the power to run the software and keep a small form factor which I can keep close by if I need to access. I can add a hotkey device such as the Elgato Stream Deck to switch between my graphics when I don’t remote into the machine.

Using NDI to Put it Together

With the NewTek NDI protocol, I could have this machine in another room controlling graphics. NDI from NewTek has changed the game for the home live streamer. I run NDI from computer to my live stream machine, my PTZOptics camera overhead (with Power over Ethernet, so only one cable is needed), the iOS app if I need to be more remote, Skype to bring in others for conversation, and the NDI Spark to capture a desktop presentation or a second camera.


Packages start at $495. It’s a great addition to your streaming setup – whether a Tricaster, Wirecast, vMix, or even OBS.

More from NewBlueFX

Title Live 4 Broadcast is part of a bigger suite of software from NewBlueFX. Total FX can be used if you need to add these graphics to non-streaming programs like Adobe Premiere Pro. Check  out all the great stuff at

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