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Kodak Orbit 360 VR Camera and other concept VR cameras from PixPro - Geekazine

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Kodak Orbit 360 VR Camera and other concept VR cameras from PixPro

Kodak PixPro Orbit

Kodak is getting into the VR space in a big way their new Kodak Orbit 360 VR 4K Camera. This camera takes Kodak’s existing technology for making VR images and the camera itself puts it all together for you. You won’t have to get on the computer and do it yourself if you don’t want to. It is capable of doing it automatically right out of the box. This makes it even easier to share these images across social media. And you know you want to share all of those cool images with your friends.

About Kodak PixPro Orbit

The camera has two modes. You can get a square image and have it do all of the internal stitching, or you can get a circular image and use external software to stitch it up yourself. So no matter which way you prefer, you can choose between the two. The highest resolution is 4k at about 15 fps if you choose internal stitching, otherwise external stitching will give you 24-30 fps.

The Kodak Orbit 360 VR Camera is also dustproof, freezeproof, splashproof and shockproof. Other features include: Dual 20MP CMOS sensors, and support for a Micro SD Card up to 256GB. This should be a big hit with anyone who liked this camera’s predecessor.

Other Prototype PixPro VR cameras

Kodak Pixpro is also working on a couple concept cameras that can deliver more for your video or livestream needs. A 3-camera 360 VR for the prosumer, and a 3D VR 360 camera, which will fold out for the 180 3D image. These are still in development.

Get your Kodak PixPro 360 and check out the Kodak Website

PixPro VR Foldout 180 degree 3D prototype

Prosumer Pixpro 3-camera VR Unit


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