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Geek Smack! #197: Firefox 6,, Cisco Lawsuit on Golden Shield


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Geek Smack! #197: Firefox 6,, Cisco Lawsuit on Golden Shield

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Geek Smack! - The start to this week has been a slow one. This is due to an extended weekend in playing. Motivation seems to be a drink that I need right now. I got the Korg Kontrol this last week and have been playing with Wirecast to try and make the show a little smoother. Almost lost it in the 25 minute mark as all the buttons started to converge on at once. See the debauchery!

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Paul Ceglia Contract Found
- No mention of “Facebook” in the original contract. Ouch…
Firefox 6 is available now
- They surpassed 5 in record time to go to Firefox 6.
LinkedIn Revamps Mobile
- Speed, simplicity and ease of use on your mobile device.
Questionable Evidence to Galaxy Tab Takedown
- Questions that Apple doctored evidence to their favor.
FCC to Investigate BART Shutdown
- Should a phone carrier really shut down a phone service that fast? Anonymous doesn’t think so.
JooJoo is Back with Grid10 Tablet
- The once TechCrunch Tablet comes back to give one more attempt at becoming Vaporware…
Taco Bell goes QR
- You can watch clips from MTV music awards from scanning the codes.
Swype Comes to Sprint
- Do you have a Swype keyboard? Does it work better than a touch keyboard?
Promoted Tweet infographic
-Another study even suggests that Twitter could be affecting the stock market…

Geek Smack Crap!

I love nostalgia! When I was a kid, the Pet Rock was a big fad. We even sold our own Pet Rocks at flea markets (although we didn’t make anything close to the actual pet rock). But now it’s back and it’s joined Technology with the USB Pet Rock! But when you get tired from playing with your Pet Rock, you might want to lie down. Why not on this Moon Pillow. Want some Cake? How about in the shape of Thor or Wolverine. Check out the Marvel Character Cake Molds?

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Mixology - Dylan’s Candy Bar Candied Cocktails
Nostalgic - The iPad Concept in 1994
Music - Lollapalooza stolen Gear Recovered
LEGO - VW Camper Bus
Robot - Swarmoids
xxx or PETA - PETA is getting a Porn Site
Bling - Diamond encrusted Contact Lenses

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Should Cisco be Held Responsible for Chinese Political Prisioners?

Thirteen Chinese political prisioners are being held captive – some are being beaten – because of a program called “Golden Shield”. This is a system that identifies radicals in the CCP for arrest. The system was developed by Cisco after they won several contract bids to design, develop and implemet part of the project.

Because of this, most of the thirteen are serving 10 year or more sentences. Now they believe they can sue Cisco for creating Golden Shield (Read: Fighting China’s Golden Shield). That is like saying you are suing a carpenter for building your house because the Fire department didn’t get you out when it burnt to the ground.

Add to it an International lawsuit – this situation is going to get really sticky, really fast.

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