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Geek Smack! 220: Nano SIM Heats Up


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Madison, WI

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Geek Smack! 220: Nano SIM Heats Up

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GS144 Geek Smack! 220: Nano SIM Heats Up

It’s been a pretty quiet week as I spend time putting up video from SXSW and the Ford drive. Thanks to all that have watched the Ford Mustang GT drive video. I’ll be driving more, so watch out for some great video!

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Geek Smack! Tech News:


Microsoft helps seize Zeus Botnets

Microsoft Seizes Two Botnet Servers
- Some of the most harmful botnets are now down.
Facebook Lawsuit Over Rights
- Paul Ceglia claims he has a contract for 50% of Facebook
Google Adds Play to Nav Bar
-Get music, movies, games and more from Google Play
Nokia Windows Phones for $100
- Lumia 900 will go on sale next monday
Square Overhauls
-Adds Android app
Friends Reunited Back Online
-Social Network relaunched after 3 years of being down
Google Instant Search Ordered Take down
- One man was fired in China over a result, now they want that taken down.

Google Instant Search ordered Takedown

Siri Getting Sport Scores?
- Could be telling you who’s winning the game soon

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Magic – Using iPads for Magic

Geek Smack NanoSIM Cards 220px SIM Card Geek Smack! 220: Nano SIM Heats Up

Sim Card (via Wikipedia)

Apple wants your SIM card. Nokia does too. Who will win?

You might basically know what it is – If you have a phone, you have a SIM card. This was the card that allowed your information to move from one phone to the next. Only problem was, it was always “Upgraded” before you could put it into another phone.

I think in all the phones I had, there was only one time where I could move the SIM card from one to the other (and I went from one Nokia phone to another).

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, and was first introduced in 1991 by Giesecke & Devrient,a german company that provides security solutions to bank notes, smart cards, and more. It’s designed to keep your personal information just that, but sometimes there was room to put on a few SMS messages and phone numbers.

The official “Name” of the new SIM is called 4FF UICC. Both Apple, and Nokia filed for this standard. Apple’s standard looks like today’s SIM card with jagged edges. Nokia has more of an SD card feel to their SIM – which may cause for some patent issues.

Why does this matter to you? Well, like I said, if you have a cell phone, you have a SIM card. If you Whoever gets the standard, will get a small amount of the cost for the phone. For Apple, it’s more cash for their pocket. For Nokia, it might be the one thing that keeps them from going bankrupt.

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 Geek Smack! 220: Nano SIM Heats Up