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Is Facebook Getting a Phone; Bidding for Opera,


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Is Facebook Getting a Phone; Bidding for Opera,

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GS144 Is Facebook Getting a Phone; Bidding for Opera,

Time to prep for the trip to New York. Memorial day weekend saw a weekend of rest. I almost took 2 whole days off. But I got a little itchy to get something done, so Todd and I pushed out a Techpodcasts roundtable. I talk about the Cerevo shell, and Todd talked about Powerpress 4.0. Speaking of which, I tried to live stream with the Cerveo, but it wasn’t working. I talk about that in the show.

I am also looking for writers to Geekazine. People who can write about the newest gadgets coming out. If interested, please email geekazine at gmail.

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Geek Smack! episode 226 Tech News:


Apple WWDC event June 11th

Flame Virus infects 189
- They are calling this the most sophisticated virus of it’s kind
Apple WWDC Keynote June 11
- Let the rumor mill start… oh wait. It already did.
-It’s a charger. It’s also a tripod for iPhone
Bring out your Windows Live
- Windows Live Essentials is being retired.. er killed.
Man Sues Google
- Thinks the word Google is too synonymous for internet search. Wants the trademark removed
Pandora on the Rise
- Pandora sales rose 58% last year.
GameStop Selling Tablets
- Android tablets will not be available through 1,600 GameStop stores
iPad Prototype Sold for $10k
- 1st generation iPad had 2 docks to connect to.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Steve Jobs wrote a memo to Atari in 1977

Company: How they got their names
Gaming: Jobs Memo to Atari
Infographic: Make your own infographic
Comics: Gay characters in Comics
Farm: Cows Get Waterbeds
San Francisco: Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate
Skydive: 80 year old scary dive
RickRoll: Taken down for Copyright

Geek Smack: Are the Facebook Rumors True? Why would Facebook need a phone?

Facebook might have a phone, browser and facial recognition

These aren’t new rumors. They seemed to resurface in the last week. Facebook is looking to build a phone – and it make perfect sense. They also want to get the Opera browser and facial recognition software

Some people don’t believe it’s happening. However, it’s one of those next level things that Facebook needs to do. Especially now they have shareholders to appease, and a stock that needs to get to $200-300 a share.

I talked with Robert Scoble last week. He was adamant about one thing – Mark Zuckerberg is hungry to take Facebook to the next level. So what is that next level? A Facebook phone? A full advertising system? A walled garden?


He also said something that might show the hunger of this company. Facebook bought instagram because Apple wanted it. Which is why Facebook launched their own app last week – it was a contingency plan.

The social network will be busy in the next few months. Building ideas to keep the 700 million people and making a profit. By the end of summer, Facebook will have taken a new direction. New mobile platform, new ad platform, new look. Look to see them move toward competing with YouTube. Could Facebook put a bid in for Flickr? Heck, could Facebook put in a bid for Yahoo?

And I don’t just think Zuckerberg will acquire, Opera and have a Facebook phone on the way. I KNOW it will happen. It’s just a question of when he will announce it.

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 Is Facebook Getting a Phone; Bidding for Opera,