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If Apple Doesn’t Build a Mac Pro, Let Someone Else Do It, Plus: iPad Giveaway!


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Geekazine Review

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: For the Geek in all of us

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If Apple Doesn’t Build a Mac Pro, Let Someone Else Do It, Plus: iPad Giveaway!

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Geek Smack!

NEW LOGO! NEW CONTEST! Our friends at Citrix are giving away some 3rd Gen iPads this month.  Find out how you can win one. Refer a friend, and if they win, you win, too! It’s going to be a fun month of June – I have some more announcements coming soon. I also talk about the name change of BlogWorld to New Media Expo (NMX), and their event in January. You can learn how to win lifetime passes to that event!

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Geek Smack! episode 227 Tech News:


Apple's WWDC left out 17" Macbook Pro and Mac Pro machines

Lots Happened on WWDC Day 1
- Mountain Lion, iOS 6, Macbook Pro updates, but no Apple TV.
Amazon Cloud on iOS
- Amazon brings service to millions of iOS users
HTC Buys S3 Graphics
- HTC buys for video graphic patents
Verizon Gets Rid of Voice Plans
- You are now paying on Data usage on all Verizon plans
D-Link OTT
- Competing with Roku and Apple TV, this $80 device will stream movies, pictures, music.
Seton Hall Gets Nokia 900s
- Incoming freshmen will get this phone, if I was a sophomore, I’d be pissed
Leaked Sprint Images
- Looks like Sprint is working on a wallet system with NFC capabilities
When Not to Google
- Florida Couple accused of killing a 19 year old, went on the Internet to find out how to kill someone.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Kickstarter – Pocket TV
LEGO – Reebok Pump Shoe
Baby Back Ribs – Man Breaks Record
YouTube – Playing Ping Pong with your Mind
Video – GoPro WiFi Backpack
Food – Make Chicken, Fried Waffle Ice Cream

Geek Smack: If Apple Doesn’t Want to Build a Mac Desktop, Let Another Company Do It!

For the last couple years, people have been saying the desktop is dead. That might be true when it comes to your home computer, but in business there are certain times where I want to have a sturdy, reliable, and heavy desktop at a person’s desk. There are so many reasons why that should happen. The biggest is theft – It’s a lot harder to walk away with a 50 lb desktop as opposed to a 5 lb notebook.

While the new “Next Generation” Macbook Pro is very impressive, it is not a very up-gradable device. If a shop is making strides in video editing, CAD, or illustration, chances are in three months that machine will become outdated. They may need more options than the Macbook Pro can can offer – such as 128 GB in memory.

Within time, these solutions might come as add-ons through the Thunderbolt port. A couple companies have already made PCI add-on modules that allow you to put more graphics, video input and more into your Macbook Pro. However, they are still not in abundance, so we have to suffer through what we got.

So, I say, if Apple doesn’t want to make a desktop anymore, then why not outsource it? They took down Psystar because of their cloning technologies. Why not give a company like that a contract to build a series of Apple desktops?

Not that many machines – Maybe hand over the iMac, Mac Mini and Macbook Pro for them to put together a machine that businesses will purchase.

The desktop is not entirely dead yet. Laptops don’t have the upgrade-ability that we need sometimes. Some people want something larger than a 15″ machine.

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 If Apple Doesnt Build a Mac Pro, Let Someone Else Do It, Plus: iPad Giveaway!