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Will Apple Ditch Intel Processors?


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Will Apple Ditch Intel Processors?

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Since today is the show, I voted early. That way I don’t get distracted with politics. Took a day off to check out the rally that happened here in Madison, thought I got a great soundbite but forgot to hit the record button. ACK! Also, CES action is happening hot and heavy. New booth location means a new setup for the group.

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Geek Smack: Will Apple Ditch Intel Processors?

I remember the day that Steve Jobs announced they were moving away from the PowerPC processor for the Intel processor line. It brought a new host of programs and possibilities for the Mac computer systems. Now Apple has the confidence and talent to start talking about moving away from Intel to their own Processor.

Of course Apple has been talking about this for a while. By creating an A-X chip for Macbook Pro can also bridge with the iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices properly.

Apple Insider dissected the A6x chip in the 4th generation iPad – which is based off the ARMv7 processor. They found a dual-core processor, 4 graphic processors and twice the SDRAM from the A6 chip. This is even more power than most $500 laptops on the market today.

What does this topographic change mean? People who have written Mac and PC versions of applications will most likely take one side or end up having to support two versions of software. iPad and iPhone developers might be able to port their programs to Mac pretty easily. Most important – a unified connection between computer, tablet, smartphone and set top box.

Does that hurt Intel? In the PC market it’s tough to say. People talk about an exodus away from PCs to mobile devices. Intel still will be creating processors for PC architecture along with other devices. I saw a set top box last year at CES that was Intel powered.

The biggest problem with Apple proprietary processors is they most likely won’t let anyone else use the chips. 3rd party developers will not be allowed to build on their infrastructures which means they will most likely look to Intel for a CPU. You can use the ARMv7 processor technology to get close to Apple’s designs – that is if Apple continues with ARM processor technology or creates their own processor.

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 Will Apple Ditch Intel Processors?