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Bad Facebook: Integrating Instagram and Sharing Photos with “Affiliates”


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Bad Facebook: Integrating Instagram and Sharing Photos with “Affiliates”

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For all the podcasters out there – I started the Podcasters Community on Google+. Also found out I will be heading from Vegas to Detroit and the North American Auto Show – January 13-15th. It’s a new show for me and I hope to get some great video out of it. Only 3 weeks away from the CES action! Head to TPN.TV for the live stream!

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Geek Smack! episode 248 Tech News:

No Samsung Ban
Apple loses an injunction to ban Samsung devices in the US
HTML5.1 First Draft

The HTML5 standard moves to interoperability and testing phase. 
Fastbook is HTML5

Group of developers make a Facebook app using only HTML5. Looks pretty nice, too!
Sponge Bob App Pulled
Apparently it was collecting children’s emails.
Morgan Stanley Fined
Financial company in trouble for releasing confidential information about the Facebook IPO
Sprint Buys Clearwire
Sprint will purchase the remaining 50% of Clearwire in a $2.2 billion dollar deal.
SIRI Trick
Make Siri think its using Google maps
Apple Foursquare on Maps
Apple is pairing with Foursquare to make Apple maps more viable.
Cisco to Sell Linksys
Cisco planning to get out of consumer market altogether.
No HTC Windows8 Phone
Microsoft guidelines prompted HTC to not make a Win8 smartphone


Geek Smack! Geek News

Arachnology – USB Mouse with Real Spider
Cat – Turn your Cat into RC Car
Laser – Add Laser Pointer to iPhone, Android
Shoe – Ice Cream Pumps
Robots – Brain Implants Move Arm
YouTube – Rewind YouTube Style

Geek Smack: Instagram Copyrights – Who Owns them?

When Instagram hit the app store there was a swell of users who wanted to turn a picture of a bland, dried out grilled cheese sandwich into an old photo – then share it on Facebook and Twitter. Since then the company was sold to Facebook where it’s progressively gotten worse.

Nevermind the fact Instagram had a bug in it that could delete photos and they didn’t fix it for six weeks. Nevermind the fact that Instagram pulled Twitter inline photos off the system.

So why is Instagram even around still? They’re no longer an independent app like Facebook said they would be. Remember Mark Zuckerberg? You said that Instagram is not going away. You said you plan to keep both separate and evolve the network. It will continue to share with other networks.

So what is happening? Facebook announced Instagram will be “more secure” by being a part of the Facebook infrastructure. You can then put all your photos with Instagram photos.

I don’t mind that but I do mind the one more caveat. You give Instagram permission to share with Facebook affiliates. Facebook defines it as “businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that Instagram is part of, or that become part of that group”.

What does that even mean? That means if you take a picture of a bag of Doritos and Doritos is an “Affiliate”, they could use your photo without repercussion. They could make more cash on your photo.

The bigger question is if Instagram has the right. After all it is a joint effort. You take the picture – they turn it into photo art. So they have as much right to share that with others as you do – correct?

As the Internet gets to be more social you have to wonder when privacy becomes obsolete. I personally stopped using Instagram. Not because of the security breech, not because of Twitter injunction or because of this new privacy policy. I stopped simply because it was another social network to open up and send my pictures to. I simply ran out of time and patience.

These changes won’t go into effect until January 16th, so you have some time to make a decision. Remember – there are other photo sharing apps out there that don’t have these policies. If you use Instagram, you now know.


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 Bad Facebook: Integrating Instagram and Sharing Photos with Affiliates