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CNet Drops the Ball, Looses CES, Credibility


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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CNet Drops the Ball, Looses CES, Credibility

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Geek Smack!

I was on the Podcasters Roundtable the other night. We were talking about “What do you owe your audience?” So I bring the question to you – Are you getting everything from Geek Smack!? This week I will be recording an HP Tech Cast with Calvin Zito on Thursday. Also the flood of CES videos are coming in. Please check out the Special Media Feed for all the CES action.

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Geek Smack: CBS Causes CNet to Lose Credibility over a Hopper

So CBS is in litigation with Dish Networks over their DVR called “Sling” (part of the product: “The Hopper”) which is a technology that skips commercials. However, the Hopper was best of show at CES. CNet – who governs the CES awards – announced the Hopper had won. CBS didn’t want that so they told CNet to retract the award.

This is where it all began. Since then, Greg Sandoval quit CNet over the CES controversy. CES has basically fired CBS and CNet from overlooking the awards and re-established the Hopper as a winner.

CEA had an obligation to fix this, which they did. They lost a big partner in CBS but felt the integrity of the award was more important.

This might just change the dynamic of CES for 2014. CNet took up a good chunk at the front of CES. While they only lost the ability to grant the award, there may be a shift in how CBS covers CES. That might mean big bucks if CBS threw a lot at the event.

With the recent loss of Microsoft last year, many were wondering if CES could continue as the top trade show. CES came back by breaking the record attendance. So can they do it again with this controversy?

Of course there are other companies that can step in. They might not have the cash that CBS has, but they do have the audience. That may be the better choice.


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 CNet Drops the Ball, Looses CES, Credibility