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Google Pays 1 billion to Apple, Mountain Dew for Breakfast, Justin Bieber Crashes


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Geekazine Review

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: For the Geek in all of us

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Google Pays 1 billion to Apple, Mountain Dew for Breakfast, Justin Bieber Crashes

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Geek Smack!

OK – so I thought Monday was Presidents Day and I took part of the day off. Guess that is next week. CES videos are just kickin my butt. Also got some contract work so this last week has been pretty busy. I am bringing back the Summer of Podcasts contest -

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Geek Smack! episode 252 Tech News:

Google to Pay 1 billion to Apple
To be the primary search on iPhone, Google will have to pay for the spot.
Facebook Sued on Like
Being sued by some dead person over the Like button. Really?
Tim Cook at State of Union
Cook will sit with Michelle Obama as Barack gives the State of the Union Address
Turn Webcam in 3D Cam

This program will turn your video into a wireframe mesh
Netflix Gets Turbo
Upcoming Dreamworks movie will get a series on Netflix
Cancer Virus?
Scientists trying out a new virus that could help kill cancerous tumors
Mountain Dew Kickstart
PepsiCo’s newest drink is breakfast for Mountain Dew Fans
Bitcoins for Pizza
Dominos will now accept Bitcoins for pizza through
Bill Gates Biggest Regret
Gates wished WinFS would have come to market
Automee S Cleans Tablet
It’s like the Roomba for your iPad or Kindle! If you get one, then you are officially lazy. BTW – I’m getting one.


Geek Smack! Geek News

Google with NCAA Support
Just in time for the March Madness and Final Four action
Help Name Pluto’s Moons
Two discovered moons, names P4 and P5 needs to be named. Let’s make it Styx.
Yahoo NZ Hacked

Hackers used a WordPress hole to get in and sent email to you from dead relatives.
Apple Proxy Fight Lawsuit
Silly Sideshow is what Tim Cook calls a lawsuit to allow holders to vote how they get money back.
Zuckerberg the Philanthropist
Mark Zuckerberg is the #2 most charitable behind Warren Buffett.
Bieber Crashes
Justin Bieber’s Livestream crashed before he could go on with the Grammys.
Google Adds Emoticons
1,000 emotion icons added to Gmail Compose
Characters for Wreck-it Ralph 

10 video characters people want to see as cameos for the next Wreck-it-Ralph movie.
Zombies are Coming!
Colorado TV station was hacked and announced Zombies were on the uprise

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 Google Pays 1 billion to Apple, Mountain Dew for Breakfast, Justin Bieber Crashes