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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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First Look at Loop Personal Photo Display - Geekazine

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First Look at Loop Personal Photo Display

Loop was a successful crowdfund digital photo frame. While it can show your photos from Instagram, and Facebook, it has other great functionalities that can keep you connected with your family. Let’s go through all the good and bad, then look at the overall picture.

The Loop Personal Photo Display is a tablet-sized screen in the design of an old 1960’s television. You know, where the dials changed the channels?

Loop presents photos and videos in that same channel format. You can bring photos from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and soon Google, and Flickr. You can also import items via SD card.

Loop also has a camera on-board for you to contact other Loop customers. Therefore, you can have one Loop at home, another at your parent’s house. You will be able to communicate back and forth.

Pros: Loop Photo Frame

Easily send photos and video to the Loop unit through the app. Create channels to upload special moments to. We just came back from Barcelona, Spain, and easily sent photos to the device.

The display has a battery inside with a 2-3 hour lifespan. That way, you can look at photos, or video chat wherever you need. The Retro look can be added to any knick-knack shelf for easy viewing.

I have also been advised by the staff at Loop they will be making a remote control function, which will allow you to control your device from afar.

Cons: Loop Display

Two functions I expected were voice and gesture control. They may be added later, but the staff at Loop informed me they might forgo those options for the remote. After all – the device will be on a shelf at a distance.

The video calls are only Loop-to-Loop based. No Hangout, Facetime, or Skype connection options. Therefore, if you don’t have a friend with a Loop (like myself), this is not a feature. Maybe they will turn into a security camera.

The device does not have a “sleep” option. As someone who has pets, I get concerned when ambient lights are on devices that could sit in the Living room, Kitchen, and more. This could be fixed in future updates.


The HD display is 1024×768. Therefore, no 720p. Of course, a higher resolution monitor could mean a higher price tag as well.

I didn’t see any security on the Loop. When you have an open camera on a device, that can cause for concern.

Finally, there is touch options, but they are on the top of the device. You can tap to dismiss messages (like updates).

Overall and Price

The Loop starts at $249 and is available at JoinLoop. Some may ask “why not just use an older tablet for photos?” The reality is: this device is made for photo viewing. Therefore, when you turn it on, it shows photos, and nothing else.

It might be a perfect way for a family to keep in touch – especially if there are members not on Facebook or Google. Our photos of Barcelona could be sent instantly to my parents house, along with other friends.