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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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ViCoustic Designer FlatPanel VMT for Acoustic Sound Control - Geekazine

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ViCoustic Designer FlatPanel VMT for Acoustic Sound Control

What if your sound panels held a design? What if your video background didn’t look like wood, or brick anymore. Designer sound panels and sound rooms are what ViCoustic does.

ViCoustic Flat Panel VMT

This is a 2×2′ panel that can be customized to any pattern you would like. The Flat Panel VMT is made from VicPET, which is recycled plastic. These panels are thin, and can reduce the sound of a room. The best part is you can customize them with your own patterns. Create a Vector image with your brand or logo, then put them up into your studio for 2 solutions in one.

If you’re looking to spruce up your living room, bedroom, or other, you can choose from multiple patterns, and turn your room into whatever design you desire.

Other ViCoustic Panels

ViCoustic makes other types of sound panels – from those you would identify as such, to patterns that give your music studio the right amount of bounce to make a recording hit the sweet spot.

This includes the Multifuser – a panel that is using the Quadratic Diffuser pattern (QFD), which scatters sounds so it dissipates quickly.

ViCoustic Sound Booth

We also walked into the VicBooth Premium – a modular booth that will minimize the outside sounds, along with creating privacy barriers inside. Sound will leak only if you want it to.

Prices for Flat Panel VMT start at $45 – covering an area could cost you $300-400, but for a pattern that you design, it’s well worth it Keep in mind, it’s an 8-12 week process for custom panels.

Check out for more information.


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