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Petting the Aibo Robot Dog at Sony Wow SXSW, Xperia Hello, Air Hockey - Geekazine

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Once again, Sony Wow pop-up shop at SXSW gave us a look into the future of entertainment, functionality, and AI with some inventive products. I also got a chance to spend some time with Aibo – the robot dog – to see how it interacts.

Sony Xperia Hello Robot...

Cabot: I Play with the Cajon Robot Drummer - Geekazine

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Cabot is making a MIDI device you can attach to your Cajon drum. The result – a robotic drummer for your solo gigs. A device that is fun to watch, along with fun to play with. I know – I played along with it at SXSW.

How Cabot Works...

Westworld Experience at SXSW: Walk Through Sweetwater With Me - Geekazine

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When I’m at a major conference, I try not to take on anything that consumes 4-5 hours of my time. Of course, I make exceptions – which you have to do from time to time at SXSW. Long lines for movie premieres or major events are a common thing. When I found that Westworld was going to hav...

I Sat in the Justice League Batmobile at SXSW DC Popup - Geekazine

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as I was at the DC press event at SXSW. Even top artist Jim Lee was excited to do this. But I got to say, It’s not easy getting into a Batmobile…

DC Panel at SXSW...

Samsung S9+ Unboxing and First Look Exclusive - Geekazine

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This morning I unboxed the Samsung S9+ phone, which I got from Verizon (a returnable press review model, but all opinions are of Geekazine). I had the phone for the last 24 hours, and I will be taking it to SXSW with me to record video, create social posts, and more. This is a first look of the devi...

Relish Swiss Modular Guitars - Geekazine

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While at NAMM, I talked with Sylvan at Relish Guitars about their modular options. The Mary, Jane, and Mary Aluminum guitars are a different way to think of building and repairing guitars.

What is Relish Modular Guitars...

New Features from Avid Pro Tools - Geekazine

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I got to talk with Avid at NAMM about Pro Tools updates. I also sat in on a very interesting demo on MIDI drums. I talked with Adam Lebowski about those new features.

What is in Pro Tools HD 2018

Seven new feature sets to help creators make music. Retrospective MIDI record allows you to add a MIDI p...

aFrame Drum from ATV - Geekazine

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Electronic Hand Drums can add a lot of new sounds and feels to music while keeping their roots in hand drumming. ATV has come out with a fun drum in the aFrame – a $1,599 device that matches that of a frame drum.

About the aFrame Frame Drum...

Playing the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 with Piano Room - Geekazine

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While at NAMM2018, I was able to try out the Clavinova CVP-709 digital piano. A fun piano that has many options including the Piano Room – giving you options for sounds and backline for practicing.

About the CVP-709...

DDJ-1000 by Pioneer DJ for Rekordbox DJ Controller - Geekazine

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While at NAMM 2018, I got to check out the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 4 deck DJ controller. This is a device that works with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox music management software.

About the DDJ-1000

This is a two digital turntable DJ controller, with mixer. The jog wheel has undergone some updates, inclu...
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