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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu, HI

Description: Geek News Central is where I talk tech for the common man. With a twice weekly tech show covering a wide range of technical issues. Author of Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide.

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Amazon Average Pay #1275 - Geek News Central Audio

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Amazon has revealed that it Global average pay is around $28,000. I am not sure what to think to be honest. Let’s hear your opinion. This is the second of what will be six shows from the east coast, I am hoping at some point the sun will actually come out and warm it up out here.

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Back in the Saddle #1274 - Geek News Central Audio

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Ok gang back in the saddle thanks to Kirk for hosting the last show. I have a monster show for you and there are some topics in the show notes today that I could not cover so enjoyu the extra cobntent. Remember audio only shows for the next 3 weeks.

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FacebookPalooza! #1273 - Geek News Central Audio

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Hi everyone, Kirk here filling in for Todd while he is away in Las Vegas for NAB. I am sorry that I did not have an episode recorded for Monday. I was sick this past weekend and Monday. I am feeling better and I got a great episode for you all!

* Mummified monkey found in MN store...

Casey Neistat Podcast? #1272 - Geek News Central Audio

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Very excited to hear that Casey Neistat is likely going to be doing a podcast. With my position in the podcasting space as the CEO of the second largest podcast hosting in the United States, I will be reaching out to him to see if we can work with his team. In tech news simply incredibly information...

Zuckerberg & Cook at Odds #1271 - Geek News Central Audio

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Seems Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook are having a go at it. With Tim Cook taking Mark Zuckerberg to school. Apple is pretty serious about user privacy and Cook makes that point loud and clear in a recent interview and conference discussion. Mark was not happy at all and took his own shot at Cook. One...

Should Mark Zuckerberg be Fired? #1270 - Geek News Central Audio

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Is it time that Mark Zuckerberg is fired at Facebook for data mismanagement? Well if you think so good luck with that he controls 87% of all the voting stock so he is going no where anytime soon. Plus there is not the outcry like there has been in other situations. I share with you a story tonight a...

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