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GNC-2012-03-15 SHOW 750


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Geek News Central Podcast

Todd Cochrane

Honolulu, HI

Description: Geek News Central is where I talk tech for the common man. With a twice weekly tech show covering a wide range of technical issues. Author of Podcasting The Do it Yourself Guide.

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GNC-2012-03-15 SHOW 750

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Congrats to Kurt W, Laura V, Joe C, James A, for winning. (2x) iPad, (2x) Mac Mini, (3x) Apple TV, (2x) Roku, (2x) Google TV, (1x) Sony Bloggie Sport, (1x) iDAPT, (1x) Axis IP Cam! on our show 750 giveaway tonight! Big thank you to my wife and kids, and everyone else that has had to sacrifice for my twice weekly recording of GNC.

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Listener Links:
Wallops Island Space Research!
Delorean that Fly’s

Show Notes:
Google Hires Kevin Rose and Crew WT?
What’s a Geek!
7-12-12 Is ISP Spy on You Day!
Are you an Authorized Charger?
iPad 3 tear down.
PayPal takes on Square.
URL’s and Names don’t Mater?
Sprint Bails on LightSquared.
Hulu Player gets Bigger.
Sony Bloggie Sport.
Givit gives to Flip Users.
Buffalo Air Station.
Toilet Tip.
iPad the new Video Camera?
Mozilla to support h.264?
70,000 feet Skydive!
NASA Montage.
LRO Video.
Google Coal Miners.
SpaceX to ISS April 30th!
A Big Amazon Cloud!
New Mars Rover Tweeting.
Verizon vs AT&T on 4G LTE!
Facebook still #1 Divorce Machine.
Artist continue to get Screwed.
MPAA still has big Heads!
Patriot Act Expanding.
Do you Really need that Unlimited Data Plan?