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GNC #1093 The Big Game Tech - Geek News Central (Video)


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Video Feed of Geek News Central Podcast only the very latest tech news and information. Watch Todd in the Studio or while on Travel in this riveting video podcast!

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GNC #1093 The Big Game Tech - Geek News Central (Video)

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I talk a bit about the big game tech and of course share with you all the top tech news of the day.. Some major announcements coming next week from my team at and of course we are still on course for finding a new streaming partner.

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Show Links:
Superbowl Effects.
Superbowl cord cutter options.
Superbowl tech.
IRS hacked again?
NCC-1701 in for depot work.
Serial 1 adds and Episode.
Nielsen gets Pressured.
AT&T is Vilain in TN.
A-10 extended to 2022.
USB-C Cables come up Snake Eyes.
Mirrors are Installed.
NASCAR and Electric Cars?
WordPress Woes.
Google Plays Hard Ball.
Drone + Superbowl = Jail.
It Works!
Drone Swarms!
Highway Gothic.
Assange may surrender.
USA 55th Slowest Globally in LTE Speeds.
Apple Musics Android Update.
Amazon Echo and Spotify.
Be on a rocket team this summer.
Univ of Central Florida Hacked.
New Moon Photos.
Google Browser Security.
Who’s going to Jail?
Instagram Multi.

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CES Partner:

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