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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

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GNC #1007 Comcast Ghost Writers

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I am beyond blown away by the Comcast Ghost Writers scandal.. They are pretty bold and it is obvious a lot of politicians are bought and paid for by Comcast. I go off on the Ghost writing practice and a pile of other tech and science news.

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Show Notes:
Comcast Ghost Writer #1.
Comcast Ghost Writer #2.
Cable Crying about Speeds.
AT&T Owning Mexico Mobile.
Africa Solar.
WiFi Map App.
Robot Law Breakers.
Cuban Home Grown Internet.
EFF Global Security Battle.
Comet 67P Update.
Cyanogen Android Take Over.
China Moon Mining.
Silk Road Trial Revelations.
What was this Idiot Thinking.
Drones for Mars.
Muni-Broadband Fed Fight.
73 Million iPhones?
Pirate Bay will be back.
Microsoft Earnings.
Oracle Shareholder Battle.
Lunar XPrize.
Build a Snow Shelter.
NYC First Power Grid.
ICANN Complains about Cyber-squatters.
Microsoft Vapor Ware?
Boeing & SpaceX to Launch Humans in 2017.
Dropcam replacement plan.
Waze not liked by Police.
Dominoes Pizza Tracker on Samsung.
Marriott App exposed Credit Cards.
Google Mobile Play.
Google Fiber Roll-out Announcements.

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