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GNC #1034 Plugging Ourselves In! - Geek News Central (Video)


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Video Feed of Geek News Central Podcast only the very latest tech news and information. Watch Todd in the Studio or while on Travel in this riveting video podcast!

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GNC #1034 Plugging Ourselves In! - Geek News Central (Video)

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If your a geek you have at least once in your lifetime wished your could just plugin and integrate with the net. With our mobile phones in our hands we can just about do that, but what about becoming a Cyborg? I talk about this and more serious topics like Memorial day and all the tech news I could dig up. Please support our new sponsor as well Casper.

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Show Notes:
Will you elect Cyborg or Not?
The Control of the Net.
Nuclear Exposure Drug Approved.
FAA and Texting Pilots.
Tracking you via Accelerometer Alone.
MasterCard Send.
LOL Punishement.
Charter to buy Time Warner?
Punchcards to mine for Botcoin?
Brillo is coming.
Hangout redesign.
Atomic Images.
Amazon and EU Taxes.
Samsung Shuffles the Deck.
Johny Ive Promoted.
Google Fiber Demand Letter Clarification.
New Google Photo App.
Who Paid for this?
Privacy Behavior did not change.
cCloud will not live long.
Connected Cars.
Microsoft cuts gaming BW by 80%.
Free Solar for Poor in California.

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