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GNC #982 Tech Wrap Up!


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Video Feed of Geek News Central Podcast only the very latest tech news and information. Watch Todd in the Studio or while on Travel in this riveting video podcast!

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GNC #982 Tech Wrap Up!

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Great tech wrap up tonight. We are fast approaching our 10 year anniversary of doing this show. Be sure to send in your comments about the most memorable moments you have had listening to this show. Show your stripes by weighing in on what episode you started listening to the show. I was also quoted in a recent Washington Post Article.

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Listener Links:
Is this Hazardous? (Todd goes into detail)
Shellshock aka Bash Bug Explained.
Nexus 6 sneak peak.

Show Notes:
Windows 9 Free for Some!
Uber for the Sky.
Test Drove a Tesla.
Yahoo shutting down the Directory.
First Week with iPhone 6.
Ello Ehh..
Warner Brothers have to show DMCA Process.
NYC Delays Merger.
Comcast FCC Complaint.
Google Adds Mobile Ad Units.
Emergency Radio.
No More Blackouts?
Writers versus Amazon.
Galaxy Alpha Versus iPhone.
5k iMac?
Apple Bash Patch.
Tor coming to Firefox.
Android Wear Take Down.
Photoshop to Chromebook.
Windows Phone race to the Bottom?
Feds Arrest App Developer.
Utilities hate Solar.
Corvette Feature can get you Arrested.
Buddy Phone.
Clooney and Burners Phones.
iOS8 iCloud Bad Bug.
Malvertising and Pirate Bay.
Brands and Music Video Ads.
Bill Gates 81 Billion.
iOS 8 and Predictive Passwords Bug.
Idiots Bending Phones.
Cassini Tracks Object a Second Time.
Stunning Photo of Mily Way.
Bash in the Wild.

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