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GNC #1028 Citizen Journalism is it Time - Geek News Central (Video)


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Video Feed of Geek News Central Podcast only the very latest tech news and information. Watch Todd in the Studio or while on Travel in this riveting video podcast!

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GNC #1028 Citizen Journalism is it Time - Geek News Central (Video)

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Is it time for Citizen Journalism to start telling the rest of the story, considering the major media will not. I talk about that and all of the tech news in the space. Has been a crazy week and I think I am a bit punchy during the show tonight.. But good time for all.

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Show Notes:
Congressional Smackdown.
Bio-Science is Incredible.
The $85 Watch.
Waze to show you the way home.
Blue Origin.
Time to Rumble (Maybe).
Apple TV Delayed?
Nielsen to measure Roku.
No Degree Needed.
Progress did not make it.
TheCartPress serious Issues!
Sys Admin Read.
Windows 10 Wash Ring Dry Repeat.
Mooooo Science.
Patent Troll Legislation.
Patent Office Idiots.
Comcast Fiber Guess Where.
10 Billion Windows 10 Installs?
Fanboy Status Symbol.
Taser Body Cam.
Amazon Instant HD!
ICANN growing to fast.
Sony to make bank in 15.
Verizon Fios / 7TB of Data = Trouble.
Lyft Marketing Stack Revealed.
Miss DOS Games?
Explain this to your Boss.
Have Tat no Watch.
Uber Panic Button.
ACLU Police Filming App.
Messenger Splats on Mercury.
Nightmare Video Game.
EM Drive will work Nasa.
AT&T Charges.
Grooveshark RIP.

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