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GNC #990 Amazon Fire Stick - Geek News Central (Video)


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Video Feed of Geek News Central Podcast only the very latest tech news and information. Watch Todd in the Studio or while on Travel in this riveting video podcast!

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GNC #990 Amazon Fire Stick - Geek News Central (Video)

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Amazon is getting serious in it’s battle for the set top box or in this case the Amazon Fire Stick which from a performance standard looks to outpace the chromecast. I have ordered two and at $20.00 for prime members it really is a no brainer. Lot’s of tech news in today’s show so sit back and be entertained.

Also as a side note I added my Solo 610 pre-amplifier back into the audio chain on this show which over the next few shows I will get dialed back in. I am also working with long time listener Paul on giving the produced audio some tweaks.

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Listener Links
Don’t be that Guy.
Google Exec beats RedBull Space Diver.
Earth Sized UFO flies into the Sun.

Show Notes
Interstellar Review (Spoilers).
Amazon Fire Stick.
Apple Pay blocked at some Merchants.
Trust in Journalism.
Automated Car Challenges.
What Happens when you die.
Amazon – Audible buy Rooftop.
Unlimited OneCloud for Business Owners.
Windows with command line package installer.
Space Whiskey.
Google blocks Torrent Searches.
Future Plane?
Next Century Cities.
Cities to fight telcos in Muni-Broadband.
Knock Knock Mac AV tool.
I’ll be Back.
FBI gets secondary leaker spy?
Watch Wallops Island Launch on Tuesday.
Alienware Graphics Amplifier!
Don’t Broadcast this!
Amazon Indy Book Voting.
Fastest Fiber in the World.
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.
Cool Disease Detection Kit.
Twitter Earnings.
Sony PS4 Update.
Huge Sun Flare biggest in 24 years.

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