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GNC #979 Apple Locks out the Law


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

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GNC #979 Apple Locks out the Law

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In what can only be described as a bold move, Apple has locked out law enforcement from being able to access data on any device running iOS 8. I have to give them kudos for doing this as I think it has taken the legal folks by surprise. It was a decisive move to bring some sanity back to privacy and our lives. I also discuss selling Podcast Awards and what that means to this audience.

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Show Notes:
Apple and Locking out Law Enforcement.
iPhone 6 Plus Video Demo (Incredible).
Did a Black Hole create our Sun?
Woz See You Later Android.
14% in 24hrs.
Phony Cell Towers.
Speed makes us Lean.
Privacy = Pirates?
FCC 4MBPS is not going to cut it.
Winning Astronomy Image.
Google Tracking.
Google “Active Watching Patent
Nexus 9 Coming?
EFF Who ha your Back?
80% Savings on Fossil Fuels.
Office Building acting as Heat Exchange.
Apple Secret Media Format.
Uber Killing Cabs :)
Verizon Open Please!!
Is Mocking Yelp a Good Idea?
Healthcare Meltdown Emails.
Dark Mater Detected?
Android Encrypted?
MyGlass App Updated iOS.
Windows 9 Build.
iDrive Value.
25 iOS 8 Tips.
Keyboards for iOS 8.
Fix Annoyances with iOS 8.
More iOS 8 Keyboards.
iOS 8 Widgets.
BAMS Longest Flight.
Self Driving Tesla in 6 Years.
TwitPic not closing.
Alibaba 21.8 Billion.
New TLD Auction Amounts.
YouTube Talent Funding 100 Million.
Net Neutrality Comment Breakdowns.
Galaxy 4 Launch.

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