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GNC-2012-02-20 #743 Nat Innovation Alliance


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

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GNC-2012-02-20 #743 Nat Innovation Alliance

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This past Saturday the Saturday Morning Tech show was incredible and I hope you will take time to listen to it. During the show, one of our guest launched the National Innovation Alliance. I spend some time tonight talking about that initiative. Over the coming shows you will want to pay attention to hints for prizes as we march towards show 750 as well.

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Show Notes:
National Innovation Alliance Discussion.
National Innovation Alliance Facebook Page.
1 Atom Transistor.
Blockbuster – Tivo Streaming.
Mavio Review.
eers Review.
iPhone Lawsuit Settled.
Pirate Bay Infringes – Do Tell!
Google Others Spying on IE Users.
Chrome Password Management.
Riders in Legislature for FCC Benefit.
YouTube Google+ Updates.
Pinterest Explosive Growth.
Foxconn Inspection Joke.
Google Ramps up in Iowa?
Basic Laws of Physics and Stupid People.
50 Years Since Historic Orbital Flight.
Windows Home Server 2011 Upgrade.
Nevada wants Self Driving Cars.
One Step Closer to Robot Rule!
30000 Year Old Plant.
New Artificial Meat?
Are you Geeky Enough for NASA?
RIAA Collapsing?
Entertainment Truth in Numbers.
Universal Music Pulls Song due to Infringement.
Mars Odyssey Images.
VLC 2.0
Apple Green Initiatives.
Root you Sony Google TV!
DNA Sequencer in a USB Stick.
Temple Run and the Android.
Apple Store Refund?
Bed Privacy Tent.
My Kind of a Garage.
Karaoke Device?


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