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BlueTooth Malware #1226 - Geek News Central (Video)

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Show Note links tonight have been taken over by Executive Producer Kirk Corless and I am very appreciative. Tonights show brings news of a serious BlueTooth Malware threat that has found a new attack vestor. Plus I share with you some revelations I have had in the proximity beacon space. There are s...

Tesla & Irma #1225 - Geek News Central (Video)

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Sorry for no show-notes last show folks I explain during the show tonight. I also talk about the Tesla & Irma discussion going on how Tesla made certain Tesla’s have longer range via a software update. I also cover more info about the Equifax breach. Full show tonight...

iOS 11 Law Enforcement Switch #1221 - Geek News Central (Video)

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Apple has implemented and Law Enforcement Switch in iOS 11 that allows users to turn off TouchID very simply. This is sure to rub the government the wrong way. But Apple continues to push boundaries in making it harder for Law Enforcement to get access to all the encrypted data within the phone. Wha...

Data Demands #1220 - Geek News Central (Video)

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The DOJ is making Data Demands of Dreamhost as they are looking for more info about the rioters who it appears the DOJ felt was organized through the site and will likely end up being an epic court battle. But more worrisome is the depth of data they are looking for. I discuss how Google and GoDaddy...

Piracy in Hawaii #1219 - Geek News Central (Video)

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Seems some copyright trolls have invaded the Hawaiian Islands and are sending old school demand letters for movie piracy. The first victim a 72yr old man that has no clue on what they are even talking about. Once again the movie industry seems the can extort money from Internet users without much in...

DJI Drones Banned #1218 - Geek News Central (Video)

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The US Army has banned the use and purchase of all DJI Drones. Something is big time amiss and the Army is not saying why. Makes you wonder if DJI Drones are calling home to mama with snaps, audio and or GPS position which would be really bad information to be sharing with a Chinese Company...

Privacy for Movie Tickets #1217 - Geek News Central (Video)

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Your Privacy for Movie Tickets is what Verizon is promoting at the moment. With campaign details that are nothing short of mind blowing you to can sell your soul and user information to all of Verizon’s partners by simply getting some free movie tickets. You are the product when you allow Veri...

Apple Sold Out to China #1216 - Geek News Central (Video)

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Apple Sold out to China in a very big way by bowing to them to remove VPN apps from the Chinese App Store. Shame on Apple and we know now it’s all about the money. There is no principal left, nor is there any fight left to support the good of common man. Very sad day. I have a solid line-up of...

TSA New Inspections #1215 - Geek News Central (Video)

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The TSA is now going to be requiring you to empty more of your computer back out as it introduced new inspection techniques. So those of you that do not have TSA Pre you’re going to be standing in line longer and grabbing more empty bins. I am back in the normal show groove tonight and even go...

Implant Invasion? #1214 - Geek News Central (Video)

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So what if your workplace offered up an implant that would get you into your computer and check out at lunch. Ready for the Implant Invasion? Lots to share tonight on a late starting show.

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