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Beacon Podcast – Episode 021


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Hurricane Labs Beacon Update

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Independence, OH

Description: Bringing you tech news one byte at a time.

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Beacon Podcast – Episode 021

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Hurricane Labs Beacon Podcast
Episode Number: .021 – Jury Duty Edition
Hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Matt Yonchak (@mattyonchak), Patrick Sayler (@psayler), Josh Evans (@jsevans59)

Open Source Replacements
- 65 of them!!
- Some comparisons are wrong

Great Security? Willing to bet on it?
- Silly argument, something to write about
- Sensationalism

Assessing Third-Party Security
- Normally you just can’t do this
- Companies will show they’ve been pentested, but they won’t let you do it
- KFC Double Down returns

Employers Asking for Facebook Info
- While applying, asked for email addresses and passwords
- Ruins the entire concept of privacy settings
- Almost like handing over your phone and letting someone look through it

Hack of the Week

App of the Week
Angry Birds Space