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Beacon Podcast – Episode 021


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Hurricane Labs Beacon Update

Hurricane Labs

Independence, OH

Description: Bringing you tech news one byte at a time.

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Beacon Podcast – Episode 021

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Hurricane Labs Beacon Podcast
Episode Number: .021 – Jury Duty Edition
Hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Matt Yonchak (@mattyonchak), Patrick Sayler (@psayler), Josh Evans (@jsevans59)

Open Source Replacements
- 65 of them!!
- Some comparisons are wrong

Great Security? Willing to bet on it?
- Silly argument, something to write about
- Sensationalism

Assessing Third-Party Security
- Normally you just can’t do this
- Companies will show they’ve been pentested, but they won’t let you do it
- KFC Double Down returns

Employers Asking for Facebook Info
- While applying, asked for email addresses and passwords
- Ruins the entire concept of privacy settings
- Almost like handing over your phone and letting someone look through it

Hack of the Week

App of the Week
Angry Birds Space


NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015