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Body Media Fit Tracks Fitness and Health (video)


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Jamie Davis, the Podmedic


Description: Reviewing Technology for a Healthier You

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Body Media Fit Tracks Fitness and Health (video)

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Health Tech Weekly went to CES 2013 with the Tech Podcast Network, Jamie Davis stopped at the Body Media Fit booth while at the CES Unveiled event to chat with Erin about the Body Media Fit Link Armband.

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Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Tracking

Body Media Fit LINK Armband

The LINK armband is a bluetooth-enabled armband. It tracks your calories-burned, steps taken, physical activity and your sleep, all with over 90% accuracy. The most accurate calorie-burn tracking in the market. The Body Media Fit LINK Armband takes all of these through four different sensors back here. Puts it in an online activity manager or a mobile app and gives you a view of your data and how you’re doing.

The armband can tell you, if you’re somebody that’s just getting started, who wants to start slow, you can see your curve ramping up where you’re getting better and better, more and more fit. You can also see everything from what exercises burn the most calories to keeping track of your calories-burned versus your calories consumed so that you can see what your deficit looks like. There are also really great integrations with MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and integration with SparkPeople coming soon. Really great integrations to just give you a full picture of your health.

Sleep Tracking for Health

The Body Media Fit is also a sleep monitor. How does it monitor your sleep? There’s an accelerometer and a skin temperature sensor. Those are the two of the sensors along with the heat flux sensor and the galvanic skin response sensor that all work together to detect when you’re lying down and when you’re actually asleep. When you’re sleeping your skin temperature changes. You’re not moving as much. Those sensors all work together to be able to detect that you’re sleeping or just lying down.

Wear LINK Armband all day

The data you get back will tell you how you slept at night. You can use that data analyzing your sleep patterns to look at things like your diet and activity levels. Hopefully, you’ll know that if there’s a night when you had too much coffee, too close to bedtime and you didn’t sleep that well. So it really breaks it down and gives you a sleep efficiency number. The Body Media Fit LINK Armband will say, for instance, you had 86% sleep efficiency. That allows you to sort of get a glimpse of maybe what behavioral changes you can make to get better sleep.

Body Media Fit Available Now

Right now the Body Media Fit LINK Armband is available on, Amazon, Best Buy. Body Media CORE Armband, the smaller armband will be seen on “The Biggest Loser” this season. Also you’ll find these devices in a variety of our other retailers, Target stores and also in select Walgreens stores. Excellent. Currently, this LINK armband is $149.00. It’s available right now. There is promotional pricing for a limited time on for $119.00.


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