Kickstarter Projects including Etcher – Etch a Sketch for iPad [Video]


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: I love my iPad and I show you some great iPad Apps to keep your ipad in play.

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Kickstarter Projects including Etcher – Etch a Sketch for iPad [Video]

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Kickstarter iPad Projects

Today, we look at Kickstarter programs that you can back. Of course, Kickstarter is a website where projects can get funded so they can be created. Bands can get money for albums, and directors can get funds to make movies. We look at the technology aspect of this system, with 5 different projects you can back to help in the iPad.

Pressure Pen

I like the idea of a stylus for iPad, however, for artists, you need to have one that can add pressure so you can have thicker brush strokes. That is what pressure pen is for. The company tried for funding once, but didn’t make their goal. They are trying a second time to get the funding to put this pen into production.

Brydge iPad mount 

Imagine taking your iPad and turning it into a laptop no bigger than a Macbook Air. While it doesn’t give you a Lion OS, the iPad will feel more like a laptop. Perfect for those people who really need a smaller computer when they are moving around. Brydge has a patent pending hinge dock system that allows you to attach the iPad securely.

LeviSync Arm for iMac

LeviSync for iMac

LeviSync is an arm you attach to your iMac, which lets you set your iPad level to your monitor. Add in a desktop monitor extension software, and you can turn your iPad into another monitor. The arm can be on the left side or the right, and is also a 4-port USB hub.

Töd GPS for iPad, iPhone

It’s a little disc you can put into your pocket, and it will track you via your iPhone or iPad. You could put it in your kids’ pocket and know where he or she is. Put it around a collar, and you can track your dog. The disc is small, so it could be incorporated into items like computers, which the beacon code can be tracked from almost anywhere. The device takes little power, the CR 2032 battery will last for a long time.

Etcher: Etch a Sketch Enclosure for iPad

Etcher: Etch a Sketch for iPad

A few weeks back, I said it would be great if someone was making a Bluetooth enclosure that turned your iPad into an Etch a Sketch. Well, I guess someone was already working on that. After many prototypes, the final enclosure is ready to produce. The enclosure contains two knobs, which work exactly like the original Etch a Sketch. The case also can be used as a regular iPad case.

The adjoining software allows you to create images though a single line. You can even shake the iPad to erase the image!

Etcher is created by Ari Krupnik, Maarten Dinger, Alex Gutierrez and Lee Felsenstein. Of course, the original Etch a Sketch is trademarked by the Ohio Art company, which the group has a license to produce this new version of iPad case.

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 Kickstarter Projects including Etcher   Etch a Sketch for iPad [Video]


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