Should you Use Yahoo Axis as Your Default iPad Browser?


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: I love my iPad and I show you some great iPad Apps to keep your ipad in play.

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Should you Use Yahoo Axis as Your Default iPad Browser?

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Yahoo! Axis Browser for iPad

I am not a big Safari fan. I don’t have it loaded on my computers, and if it is, I don’t use it. Except for my iPad. I have used Safari for my iPhone and now my iPad. Other browsers either took too much resources, or came and left. So when Yahoo said it was getting into the game, I was intrigued. Here is a company that is trying to move forward. So why not check out the browser.

Yahoo! Axis on iPad

I loaded the Axis browser from the iTunes store. It definitely had some features that I was interested in. The search page bar on top was very impressive. The best part was it didn’t navigate from the page I was already on. So I could use the top bar to do research, then go back to the page I was reading.

Yahoo! Axis also features a log-in option that could save my pages, bookmarks and browser history. With the browser plug-in for Chrome on my desktop, I could log in and sync my pages. Perfect for someone like me who moves from one machine to another. I can call up my show notes, then log in to another computer and pull them up.

How to Put Axis in the iPad Dock Bar

I also go through how you can take Safari out of the Dock, and replace it with a browser like Axis. I decided to really give this browser a try for a few weeks. If I didn’t like – I switch back to Safari.

Yahoo! Axis is free, and can be found at axis.yahoo.com

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Also, it’s Memorial Day weekend in the US. Everyone have a safe and fun holiday weekend. I will be taking a few days off to recoup from personal health issues, but will be back on Tuesday!

 Should you Use Yahoo Axis as Your Default iPad Browser?


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