How to Install ZAGG Invisible Shield on iPad 3


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: I love my iPad and I show you some great iPad Apps to keep your ipad in play.

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How to Install ZAGG Invisible Shield on iPad 3

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We install a ZAGG Invisible Shield on iPad365

Today, I head over to my friends at Graphite - Apple Specialists to not only pick up a new iPad, but also take a look at some of the ZAGG products out there. I brought the camera, as Alex showed us how to put on an Invisible Shield protective cover for the iPad.

The Invisible Shield is a cover for the front of your iPad, so it doesn’t scratch the surface. By putting a cover on your devices, you help protect your investment. The cover does give the iPad a different feel that you need to get used to. After a couple days, the only way you notice it is if you have to slide your finger across the screen multiple times.

Get up to 75% off Blowout Sale on Selected Items at ZAGG.com. How to Install ZAGG Invisible Shield on iPad 3 You can get the Invisible shield for iOS, Android, Samsung devices, and other products – almost anything with a glass face!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your iPad has any damage where the sides are bent or the screen is cracked, you might not want to put on the Invisible Shield until you get it fixed. This method requires getting the surface wet, which means water could get in.

How to Install the ZAGG Invisible Shield

Installing the Invisible Shield is pretty easy to do. You get the plastic surface, spray, a squeegee, and a cleaning towel.

  1. Clean your iPad surface. You don’t want to have a fingerprint that you can’t wipe away.
  2. Spray a little water on your hands. That will keep the shield from sticking to your fingers.
  3. Peel only part of the shield off the paper. Spray the underside so it’s coated.
  4. Peel the rest off, and finish spraying down the underside.
  5. Place the Invisible shield on the iPad. The shield should have two holes – for the home button and the front-facing camera. Use the home button as the main guide.
  6. Once you have evened it out, spray the top of the shield.
  7. Use the Squeegee to push some of the water off – use it like you are combing your hair.
  8. Flip the squeegee around to push the rest of the bubbles and water out. Have a paper towel around to soak up the water.
  9. Check one more time, then you are done!

I ended up getting the ZAGG folio keyboard case and stand, which I will talk about in a future episode.

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 How to Install ZAGG Invisible Shield on iPad 3


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