12 iPad Apps for Christmas pt.2


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: I love my iPad and I show you some great iPad Apps to keep your ipad in play.

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12 iPad Apps for Christmas pt.2

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Last year I kicked off the show with a “12 apps for Christmas”. I decided to make this an annual theme showing you iPad apps that I ended up using on a regular basis. They range from games to music, productivity apps and more.

If you get new iPad, these apps are great starters. Check out last year’s list of iPad apps!

12 iPad Apps of Christmas
  1. Monopoly for iPad
    - a game I play when I am in flight and don’t have Wifi or sitting in the airport waiting for the flight. Play against the computer or go online and play against another – MONOPOLY – Electronic Arts
  2. Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead
    - The interactive graphic novel game based on the hit TV show. – Walking Dead: The Game – Telltale Inc

  3. Alarm Clock HD
    - Great for iPhone or iPad – set your alarm and wake up to iPod music. I use this more than my alarm clock! Alarm Clock HD – Alarm Clock Company
  4. Stitcher Internet Radio
    - Set up your playlist and listen to your favorite shows right from your mobile device – Stitcher Radio – Stitcher, Inc.
  5. iMovie

    - Create movies, upload them to YouTube or Dropbox. Edit on the fly and more. I have this on iPad and iPhone. iMovie – Apple

  6. Clash of Clans
    - A great farming game building your clan and attack other clans. Clash of Clans – Supercell
  7. Garageband
    - Create music quick. I have used this to create intros like my SXSW videos. GarageBand – Apple
  8. PS Touch (Adobe Photoshop Touch)
    - Touch up photos and create some great graphics from your iPad – Adobe Photoshop Touch – Adobe
  9. Google Chrome

    Google Chrome
    - I am not a fan of Safari. I use Google Chrome whenever I can. Chrome – Google, Inc.

  10. Snoopy’s Street Fair
    - Set up a street fair using the cast from Peanuts. Get coins and XP – Snoopy’s Street Fair – Beeline Interactive Europe Ltd

    Snoopy’s Street Fair

  11. Shatoetry
    - William Shatner will recite the poetry you create.
  12. Paper (aka Paper 53)
    - a Sketchbook where you can write notes or draw images. Paper by FiftyThree – FiftyThree, Inc.

Check out the previous iPad app – Word Derby

 12 iPad Apps for Christmas pt.2


NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015