iPad Apps to Help New Years Resolutions – Epicurious, Massage Lite, GoalSponsors


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: I love my iPad and I show you some great iPad Apps to keep your ipad in play.

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iPad Apps to Help New Years Resolutions – Epicurious, Massage Lite, GoalSponsors

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Happy New Year! Well, not just yet – we still have to go through some important things. Especially since a lot of us were not expecting to be here after the 21st of December. So now we’re faced with the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Time to make some resolutions.

I want to help you with your resolutions by suggesting a few iPad apps you can install to get you through January 1st. Hopefully these apps will keep you on your goals.

Resolution to Eat Healthier - Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List


This is an app for those of you who decided to eat a little better in 2013. With Epicurious (by Conde Nast), you can search through tons of recipes to find something you would like to make and eat.

Let’s say you have apples, brocolli and hamburger in your fridge. You can put that information in and Epicurious will find some great dishes to turn those ingredients into.

You don’t need to put in anything to find good food ideas. Just peruse through the suggestions right from the app.

Epicurious is free for all iOS devices. (www.epicurious.com)

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Massage Lite

So you want to feel better in 2013. I do, too! That is why I know not only to exercise but to also to release toxins out of the muscles through massage. But you don’t know how to do massage?

Well check out Massage Lite by Ghat / Versacom (iphone.napsounds.com). This is a company that publishes several iOS fitness apps that will strengthen your core.

By learning a little about massage you can take care of two possible resolutions – to get healthier in 2013 and to improve your relationship with your partner (who you will need to practice on).

The app is free with in-app purchases of certain videos. For $5.99 you can get the collection.

Massage Lite also has extras to help you with the massage. A candle with background music to set the tone and a meditation session to relax the recipient.

Set your Goals - GoalSponsors

Goal Sponsors

If you need help in keeping your resolutions, check out GoalSponsors. This is an app that will help you keep your goals by finding you someone that will help keep you on track. Simply tell the iPad what goal you want (quit smoking, loose weight) and how you want to proceed. Then you can assign a Facebook friend or contact to help you out.

Goal Sponsors also has a list of professionals to help you with your goal. If it’s weight loss then you will see a list of personal trainers.

GoalSponsors (www.goalsponsors.com) is available for iOS and Android devices.

Help with Meditation -Simply Being

Simply Being

If you want to reduce stress or anger for 2013, then you might want to think meditation. That is where Simply being comes in. This app will help you relax with music and voice. You can adjust your time or levels of the music and background voice to get you a perfect relaxation.

Lie down and let the iPad sooth you and put you in a better spot.

Simply Being is part of Meditation Oasis (www.meditationoasis.com) and available for iOS and Android devices.

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 iPad Apps to Help New Years Resolutions   Epicurious, Massage Lite, GoalSponsors


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