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Andy McCaskey

Elkhart, IN

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SDRNews SDR2008-02-11: Unintended Video

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    When Writers Return

    by Andrew McCaskey
    At the end of the three month long writers strike, we can all get back to business as usual ? I think not.

    I am not sure what is happening at your house, but I am noticing more and more use of online video, in ways probably not intended by their creators.

    At first- say the past year or so, it was the “stupid pet trick” videos on YouTube that got sent around, much like joke emails or in earlier years the Xerox art cartoons of office humor.

    With no teenagers or college age kids in the house, I feel sure that we were spared a lot of video best not sent.

    The past three months, though, we have been watching more and more online video and there’s been a none too subtle change. We LIKE it that way.

    Thirty years ago - or maybe less- if there was some question on the weather, we would grab the news paper and see what was in the forecast. Or, we might catch the local radio station at home or on the way to work.

    Within the past few years, the local TV news got switched on while preparing for dinner, and you might catch the weather.

    Within the past three months - since the writer’s strike - Tivo’d versions of what little is on TV have forced a transition to some active viewing management. Online video provides the tools,

    Now, if we want the weather, we go to the TV station’s website and watch the two minute clip, sidestepping the used car dealer ads, murder, mayhem and sports trivia. We scan the headlines on the web page, punch up the video coverage for another two minutes and we are out of there to Tivo or (in my case) podcasting.

    I imagine that the TV station did not exactly want to have us use their streaming video to bypass their station .On the other hand, I expect that they are building their brand and preserving eyeballs when there are more viewers who are making the same move and change in their media habits.

    I suspect we are not alone.

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