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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 69


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Observed Tech Podcast

Richard Hay

Jacksonville, FL

Description: Keeping an eye on Windows and other things tech!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 69

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Welcome to Episode 69 of Observed Tech.

In this show we talk about Consumer Camp; a Windows 8 book giveaway; the Microsoft Surface RT and how it fits in the Microsoft Ecosystem and your home network; launch of the Surface RT Owner Feedback program; 40 million Windows 8 licenses being sold in first month and some other related stats; Microsoft and carriers about to ship out first Over The Air (OTA) update to Windows Phone 8 devices with reboot issue; Xbox 360’s huge numbers on Black Friday; Tweetro+ imminent release; Outlook.com and their 25 million active users; Living With Lumia – how a real tech review should be done; Nokia Lumia 920 vs DSLR in Night Photography challenge; an idea for refunds in all the app stores out there and how the Abominable Snow Monster uses Windows Phone for speed dating!

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

Giveaway Alert!

We are giving away a book that was giving to us by the Microsoft Store in Orlando during Consumer Camp Orlando last week.

The book, Plain and Simple Windows 8 for Tablets by Simon May, could be yours by leaving a comment on this page and also sending out a tweet on Twitter that says you listened to Episode 69 of the Observed Tech PODCAST. Please be sure to include my Twitter handle, @WinObs, in the tweet.

We will announce the winner during next week’s episode of the show.

All of this episodes show links are available at our WiKi – Show Links: Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 69

Date Produced: 28 November 2012

Length: 38:03

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From: Michael Geary – November 29,2012 at 6:35 am

I discovered your show several months ago and I am really enjoying your commentary on the Microsoft world. Keep up the good work. Just a comment on Windows 8. I have loaded it on all three of my computers and find it is faster to load and easy to use after mastering all the keyboard shortcuts. I don't understand all the early negative uproar over Win 8. I am 69 years old and do not consider myself a sophisticated computer tech and I was able to master Win 8 in a short time.

From: Richard Hay – November 29,2012 at 8:06 am


Thanks for listening to the show and for your comment. You know from my show that I agree with you totally about Windows 8. I honestly believe that people look at it and make an unfair judgment about it instead of using it and seeing its benefits. Be sure to enter the contest related to this episode for the Windows 8 book.