Podcast Help Desk – Going Deep Into The Technology Of Podcasting

Columbus Meetup – Beginner Podcast Tech Mistakes – PHD105


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Podcast Help Desk – Going Deep Into The Technology Of Podcasting

Mike Dell

Traverse City Michigan USA

Description: Deep into the technology and the Art of podcasting.

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Columbus Meetup – Beginner Podcast Tech Mistakes – PHD105

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I was the featured speaker at The Columbus Ohio Podcaster’s Meetup in March.   Today’s episode is the recording of that presentation.

It’s all about Beginner Podcasters Tech Mistakes and how to avoid them.   It was held at the RawVoice Inc. / Blubrry Podcasting HQ in Columbus Ohio.  More information about the meetup here.



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Podcast Passion – PHD104

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I've been having a few things on my mind so I figured rather than write it out and rant on Facebook, I would flip on the mic and just speak it.

This is a somewhat different episode. It's me rambling on a bit about Passion for podcasting. Also about learning your craft. Even the techy parts...

Recording an Episode – PHD103

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Today I talk about recording your episodes. It's an off the top of my head episode about how I record, some tips for recording.

The main points are:

1. Find some quiet time in a quiet space.

2. Allow enough time for re-dos and editing (while it's fresh).

3. Don't overthink it...

Recording Equipment for Your Podcast – PHD102

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News: Blubrry/RawVoice has acquired Cast Feed Validator (castfeedvalidator.com)

Recording Equipment

You do not need anything a smartphone to start podcasting.  Some people have good luck with just a smartphone and if done right, they can record a good show with just that...

Planning Your Podcast – PHD101

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Planning your Podcast

1. Pick a subject

2. Pick a title

3. Get a domain name

4. Figure out ahead of time how you are going to do the RSS feed

a. WordPress/PowerPress

b. No website but use RSS from Media host

c. Roll your own XML (rss) feed

d. Proprietary service (Soundcloud, Podbean, others)...

Season 2 Trailer – PHD

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Being that IOS11 and the new Podcasts App is out today, I figured I would play with things and do a trailer for "Season 2" of the Podcast Help Desk.

So, here it is. These will be the next 10 episodes. I will also include some news, views and the normal stuff in htere as well as the "lesson" of the...

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