Podcast Help Desk – Going Deep Into The Technology Of Podcasting

What You Shouldn’t Worry About – PHD098


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Podcast Help Desk – Going Deep Into The Technology Of Podcasting

Mike Dell

Traverse City Michigan USA

Description: Deep into the technology and the Art of podcasting.

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What You Shouldn’t Worry About – PHD098

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Here are the things I DO NOT worry so much about in my Podcasting: 1. My Statistics / Numbers 2. My Reviews, Ratings and Rankings 3. iTunes 4. Audio Perfection 5. Being Absolutely Everywhere 6. MP3 File Names Things I do worry about: 1. Audience - Give them a reason to listen 2. Knowing my listeners 3. My RSS feed address 4. Being everywhere that matters 5. Ease of use for my listeners and web visitors You will have to listen to the show to find out more :)

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New Beginner Series – Getting Started – PHD097

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He's Baaaaackkkk! :)

Today I give a bit of an overview of what you need to do BEFORE you put out your first episode of your podcast.

1. Pick a Topic

2. Pick a Title (for the show)

3. Pick and get your domain name

4. Figure out how you are going to do your RSS feed

5. Setup your site and feed...

I’m Still here – PHD096

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Just a short note to let everyone know I'm still here and will be producing podcasts again VERY SOON!

Thanks for staying subscribed!...

How Wrong Was Mike? – Podcast Predictions From Last Year – PHD095

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My Predictions from 2015 in podcasting for the Year 2016

I Made some guesses on what was going to happen in 2016 back in Episode 71. Now we find out just how wrong I was.

* Soundcloud will no longer be a podcast media host (Wrong, they are still here)...

The 12 Things you should NOT do in 2017 – PHD094

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1. DO NOT Host your mp3 files on your own webserver

Hosting your files on a webserver is the single quickest way to get kicked off of your web hosting server. Plus, if you get popular at all, your mp3 downloads will compete with your website and your RSS feed. It’s simply not a good idea...

What is a Podcaster? – What is a Podcast? – PHD093

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Spotify NOT buying soundcloud after all

Was your show canceled by the Podcast Authority?


Listener Question

Q: Is a Blue Yeti a good microphone to start out with?

A: NO...

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