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On The Radar #18 “Bugs and Buy Outs”


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Nick Craig

New York

Description: Only The Best Stays On The Radar. We host all of our audio podcasts here. We hope you enjoy!

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On The Radar #18 “Bugs and Buy Outs”

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Host: Nick Craig @gamecastLIVE


Show Notes:


-3Ds box full of rocks http://bit.ly/RVIix6

-OUYA ships 1200 dev consoles http://tcrn.ch/12KUSB7

-Xbox Cloud Issue http://aol.it/VlIdyz

-Minecraft sells 453,000 on christmas http://aol.it/ZHJyHt

-Sony stops PS2 sales http://bit.ly/X4meht

-Black Ops 2 DLC http://bit.ly/S0i1gU

-EA Sports Servers shut down http://bit.ly/TWeyRo

-Free gold for cloud issues http://bit.ly/VeSgpR

-Portable SNES http://aol.it/VuggV8

-Minecraft XBLA 5 million sales http://aol.it/VDUvSZ

-Sony Patent No More Used Games http://bit.ly/VEk4De

-Warz Servers Attacked http://bit.ly/TM7lzM

-Wii U Sales http://l.gamespot.com/UITU4N



-More Tablets than phones Christmas http://engt.co/ZGhfJi

-Samsung free covers and Tiles http://engt.co/RXOrcb

-Open Source Phone http://bit.ly/VutX6E

-IOS do not disturb bug http://engt.co/UG4gTL

-webOS ported to Nexus 7  http://engt.co/13337b7

-ESPN on kindle fire http://engt.co/WZPlTc

-Pirate apps on iphone http://bit.ly/133BJcQ

-Ubuntu mobile OS http://bit.ly/X0YgDZ

-No more Facebook Snooping  http://cnet.co/ZVKUyd

-MTA app http://engt.co/UyDH33

-Xbox buys our R2 http://cnet.co/ZVCOFS



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