The Tech Podcast Roundtable

What Is It?

The Tech Podcast Roundtable is a monthly, live discussion about  technology moderated by leading Tech Podcaster (and RawVoice CEO) Todd Cochrane. The sessions are powered by GoToMeeting and include a call in portion and video presentations.


Who's Involved?

Members of the Tech Podcast Network and invited guests are welcome to take part in the discussion. 


What Is Presented? 

A wide variety of technology related topics are welcome. Participants may talk through a prepared presentation or perform an on-screen demo of desktop software or a web based service.


How Do I Get Involved? 

If you are a member podcaster you will receive an email alerting you to the next scheduled roundtable. Please RSVP with your desire to take part as space is limited. 


Where Can I Find Completed Rountables? 

We always link to the most recent roundtable on the front page of 


How Can I Demo My Company's Technology? 

If you represent a company that produces technology that might be of service to the community we may just want you to present. Contact Todd Cochrane at ceo[at]rawvoice[dot]com to request a spot in the next roundtable.

Tech Podcasters Wanted

Are you a committed podcaster who includes tech content in your show on a regular basis? Consider signing up and adding your podcast to our network.


Many are called, but few are chosen. We have very specific requirements that ensure this community remains a high quality resource for unfiltered information on the world of technology. 


Recent Roundtables