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#55 A Cisco Switch Part 2

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In this episode we talk about spanning tree. What does it  do? How do we configuring it? To answer these questions we setup a lab with two Cisco 3560 switches. We configure trunk ports, a spanning tree root bridge, and we look at the inner workings of spanning tree.


* Phase 1...

#54 A Cisco Switch Part 1

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In this episode we talk about switching. We cover ARP, and some security options from a comment on Reddit. This will be an ongoing theme for at least a couple of episodes. We need to figure this out for our Raspberry Pi data center. There’s a lot to learn.


#53 Raspbian Lite & Splunk

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In this episode we talk about installing Rasbian Lite and logging with Splunk. Dorothy took on the task of installing Rasbian Lite, while I focused on Splunk. We both ran into issues. The good news, we have Raspbian Lite on all four of our Raspberry Pi’s...

#52 DNS, BIND and Standards

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In this episode we cover the basics of DNS. How does DNS work? We also talk about some of the config files for BIND. We have three different servers running BIND 9. Each one has BIND config files in different locations. This leads us into polices, procedures, standards and guidelines. All of this he...

#51 IT Project Management – Six things to think about

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In this episode we talk about six things that should be part of every IT project. This is not a comprehensive list. These are some important things to think about when starting any IT project. We go over some examples to see how they work in real world scenarios.


* Business Case...

#50 IT Skills Review

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In this episode we review our IT skills. We start of with a review of Dorothy’s Linux skills. I asked her a bunch of questions to see what she’s learned. We also talk about Windows, network engineering and security.



#49 Configuring a Linux DHCP Server Round 2

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In our last episode we talked about setting up a DHCP server on Debian. It was harder than we thought it would be. This episode is round 2. This was a totally different experience. We were done in a matter of minutes. Dorothy and I talk about the differences between round 1 and 2. We now have a proc...

#48 Configuring a DHCP Server on Linux

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We finally found time to focus on our Raspberry Pi data center project. This time we installed and configured a DHCP server on our test server. While the process looks simple, it turned out to be a lot of work. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work. In the end we man...

#47 Raspberry Pi Data Center

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It’s time to talk about our new project. Dorothy has a stack of 4 Raspberry Pi’s on her desk. The goal is to learn Linux by installing and configuring, Linux, DHCP, DNS, and SSH. Other services will be added later. A big part of this project is documentation. For that, we’re using...

#46 Our Backup Plan

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In this episode we talk about our backup solution. We also talk about how the backup process relates to security. This leads us into BIA, BCP, RPO, RTO, and the recovery process.


* Business Continuity – This covers Business Continuity Planning and Business Impact Analysis...
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