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st1707: Internet Users Beware! This may not be the website you think it is [Podcast]


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Chuck Minear: Technology and Education Expert

Los Angeles, CA

Description: Practical Technology News, Advice, and Screencasts

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st1707: Internet Users Beware! This may not be the website you think it is [Podcast]

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Hackers are at it again and this hack is pretty smart.  They trick your browser into thinking the internet address they are looking for is in a foreign language while displaying the address in familiar looking English characters.  How do they do this?  Find out in this episode of SmartTech.

For more information check out the article at

Firefox users can protect themselves by:
1. Enter “about:config” in the address bar and agreeing to the displayed warning.

2. Enter “punycode” in the search box to bring up a line that reads network.IDN_show_punycode.

3. Double-click the word “false” to change it to “true.”

From then on, Firefox will display the “dumb ascii” characters and not the deceptive, encoded ones.

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