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A Life Changed and Saved through Podcasting – TAP301


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The Audacity to Podcast

Daniel J. Lewis | D.Joseph Design

Cincinnati, OH

Description: Giving you the guts and teaching you the tools to podcast with passion, organization, and dialog (POD).

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A Life Changed and Saved through Podcasting – TAP301

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I believe anyone can share a message to change the world, and podcasting is the best way to spread that message. This is the story of how God used podcasts and podcasting to radically change my own world and even save my life.

I hope this inspires you to realize how podcasting can not only change your own life, but also positively impact the lives of others.

Instead of thorough show notes, I'll instead share photos from different points in my story. It's only taking a while to find and copy the photos from old CD-R archives!

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Postponing the 10th-anniversary episode until next week

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Because of the massiveness of my 3.5-hour, tenth-anniversary episode with my wife and Noodle Baby, I need to postpone its publication until next week. Thank you for your patience! I think the episode is worth waiting for and listening to...

Preparing for and Learning from Your First Podcast Episode – TAP300

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To celebrate 300 episodes of The Audacity to Podcast, I'm drawing lessons from this show's first episode to help you launch your podcast better, or learn how you can improve.

1. Serve your audience

2. Respect your audience's time

3. Plan your show's future

4. Prepare your content and presentation...

8 Ways to Use People for Automation in Podcasting – TAP299

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People can be wonderful parts of your podcasting team by relieving some of your burdens. I include people as an "automation tool" because they can be so skilled that all you need to do is assign a task and they return amazing results. So please never underestimate the value of others!...

13 WordPress-Based Automation Tools for Podcasting – TAP298

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WordPress is powerful for running your podcast website and it can be the base for automating your podcasting workflow!

- Jetpack Publicize or Social Auto Poster

- Revive Old Post / Revive Old Post Pro or Tweet Wheel / Tweet Wheel Pro

- Browser Shots

- WordPress to Buffer / WordPress to Buffer Pro...

24 Internet-Based Automation Tools for Podcasting – TAP297

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Web services can automate parts of your podcasting workflow, even when you're not online! Here are my favorite web-based automation tools.

- Zapier or IFTTT

- Email service providers

- Wavve

- My Podcast Reviews

- Social Jukebox or Edgar

- Buffer or Hootsuite...

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