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This Week in Lotus 107 - ’The one that almost got away’


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This Week in Lotus

Collaboration Matters

Description: The weekly roundtable discussion of all things Social, Collaboration, Technology and Community...

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This Week in Lotus 107 - ’The one that almost got away’

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Recorded on 8th November 2012. We are joined by Handly Cameron and Sharon Bellamy to discuss Connect 2013, the launch of Connections 4.0, Social Connections IV and more.

Please Read:

As you may have noticed, November 8th was a while ago, so yet again we've had a bit of an hiatus in releasing these shows. The fault lies completely with me - vacations and workloads have definitely not helped.  However, rumours of our demise have definitely been exaggerated! We will be continuing to release shows to meet your collaboration needs through this autumn and winter, perhaps not every week but reasonably often, continuing to heighten your podcast pleasure through to the unbeatable climax of a live and final ever TWiL show at IBM Connect 2013 in Orlando.  Does that sound good?

Download links - MP3 | OGG

Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (blog | twitter | company) & Darren Duke (blog | twitter | company)

Handly Cameron (blog | twitter | company) is a Technology Manager leading mobile and social solutions at Prolifics. He has recently been focused on building mobile solutions with IBM Worklight and integrating them with Connections and Portal. Sharon Bellamy (blog | twitter | company) is Social Business Architect at Collaboration Matters - working with all ICS products but especially Connections and WebSphere - iSeries fan girl and friend of Mat Newman :)

Topics :

Where have we been for the past 3 months?!?
  • So what’s been going on? (lets go round the table and talk about highlights from the past few months - Olympics, !LoLA, Connections 4.0 etc)
  • CollaborationToday
Connect 2013 now coming on stream
  • Call for abstracts just closed
    • Who’s submitted?
    • Can you write 400 slides in 31 days?
  • New tracks
  • What do we think will be main changes from LSes past?
  • Darren - there was some suggestion you weren’t going this year?
  • Where will party be?
  • Will attendance be up or down?
  • Will atmosphere change?
November 13th event
  • What are we hoping for?
Connections 4.0 ships (will wait for Sharon to join)
  • What are key new features?
  • Which companies have upgraded?
  • How do we feel about Connections Mail?
  • New mobile apps
  • VSee
  • Notes plugins
Social Connections IV
  • 30th November 2012, Amsterdam, IBM Forum
  • 180 to attend, just 7 spaces remain!
  • Agenda available
What else?
  • Breaking news: New Social Business Toolkit announced at DNUG this morning.
  • If we have time, we can shout out about the Social Business Futurecast, but it is happening in 3 hours, so will be in the past by the time people listen (replay is on YouTube).

Tips (a site, feature, offer, app, gadget etc.):


If you’re paranoid like me, take a look at TrueCrypt the open source whole disk encryption program. For Windows and Mac.

How to keep Stuart from grumbling before a podcast starts. Get one of these: Audio Technica 20 SERIES AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone and throw in a Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter while you are at it. Only $80 total from Amazon and is a normal shape so it is easy to pack and won’t get you strip-searched like Stuart and his Snowballs.

Connections 101, greenhouse connections user community & soccnx user group :P - making up for lost time :)

Best tip evah! DiscovrPeople app for iOS.  Easy way to find and follow new people on Twitter.  Would love to see something similar for IBM Connections!


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