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TGP #0641 | Heartbleed Security Update, Earth Day 2014


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Adrian Bacon

Phoenix, AZ.

Description: Daily Tech News And Commentary

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TGP #0641 | Heartbleed Security Update, Earth Day 2014

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App and Browser Plugin Check for Heartbleed

  • Get Alerts From Google Trends in Your Inbox
  • Flickr Launches New App Redesign For iOS and Android
  • Meet Kepler-186f: First exoplanet found to be ‘almost like Earth’
  • SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Defies Bleak Weather and Flies
  • Moon orbiter LADEE crashes triumphantly after ‘amazing’ mission
  • Astronomers say there may be a ‘new Saturn moon’
  • Earth Day 2014: Scientists Urge Immediate Action on Climate Age
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