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VirtZine #20 – Video – “Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop Demo”


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VirtZine Netcast - Video Feed

Dr. Bill Bailey

High Point, NC

Description: VirtZine is the On-Line Magazine of Virtualization and Cloud Computing! Join Dr. Bill Bailey for insights, information, interviews, and a view inside the world of Virtual Computing!

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VirtZine #20 – Video – “Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop Demo”

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Dr. Bill demos, and discusses, Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop: an Open Source virtual desktop and application delivery solution. With it you can deliver desktops and applications easily and at a lower cost. It works in both Windows and Linux environments.

Ulteo is the start up behind the Open Source Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery solutions for the fast-growing virtual desktop market.

By leveraging an Open Source technical and commercial development Ulteo is bringing to the market the best of the Open Source and enterprise commercial world, in a more efficient, open and rapid manner and at much lower costs.

With this commercial Open Source model, Ulteo’s goal is to become one of the global leaders in the virtual desktop space so that organizations of all sizes can get an independent, Open (Source) solution along side, or instead, of commercial, closed and more expensive alternatives!

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